Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady struggled down the stretch in their 27-24 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football. In that game, the 43-year-old Brady completed just 26 of 48 passes for 216 yards and two touchdowns with two interceptions, one coming late in the game that doomed the Buccaneers’ chances of completing a game-winning drive. Following the loss, Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians publicly criticized Brady during his post-game press conference, saying his veteran quarterback was confused by the defense, causing him to miss his defenders.

Several analysts expressed displeasure over Arians’ statement, saying the loss was on the veteran head coach as he failed to make the necessary adjustment against the Rams. Hall of Fame tight end and current Fox Sports football analyst even said that Arians should let Brady call his own plays and not insist on his long ball style of offense. Brady, for his part, admitted that he needs to be better moving forward to strengthen the team’s chances of making the postseason.

Bruschi criticizes Arians

For former New England Patriots linebacker and current NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi, there are two major reasons that his former teammate is struggling in Tampa Bay, per a report by Logan Mullen of New England Sports Network (NESN).

In an interview on WEEI’s “Ordway, Merloni and Fauria, Bruschi, who played with Brady in New England from 2000 to 2008, insisted that Arians is a major part of the veteran quarterback’s struggles this season. When asked what’s holding back the Tampa Bay offense and Brady in terms of his success, Bruschi said “one is Bruce Arians because the guy is just stubborn.”

“Tom is in the middle of a team with a head coach that our old Patriots teams would love going up against team like this,” said Bruschi, adding that Arians would insist on doing thing his way, like his deep routes that is not accustomed to Brady’s style of play.

Bruschi said Arians’ stubbornness has affected the team’s offense because he keeps on insisting his style of football that involves deep throws that would be easily read by the opposing teams.

Bruschi also blames Bucs' rushers

The former linebacker added that the Buccaneers’ running backs – Ronald Jones, Leonard Fournette and LeSean McCoy -- don’t have the ability to catch the football.

"And the second thing is holding that offense back is the running backs. They can’t catch," said Bruschi. Against the Rams, Fournette dropped three passes while Jones had one dropped pass. Bruschi said part of Brady’s success in New England was having running backs who can catch the ball, like James White. The Buccaneers will take on the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday where they are four-point underdogs.

Gisele thankful for Brady

As they celebrate Thanksgiving, Brady shared a lengthy post on his Instagram account about being grateful from an unknown author. Ending his post, Brady greeted his fans “Happy Thanksgiving” for showing him so much love and support over many years.

“I’m so blessed in so many ways. And I wish you and all your families a great Thanksgiving!” Brady ended his post. Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bunchen shared a sweet message for her husband, commenting “I am grateful for you! Te amo.”