Nebraska Huskers continues to be on the wrong end of several controversial calls made by Big Ten match officials. During the team's first game against Ohio State, fans and media analysts were not happy after the refs ejected Huskers linebacker Deontai Williams. The officials felt that Williams had used his helmet while tackling a Buckeyes wide receiver, but replays showed that he had made the tackle using his shoulder. In their latest loss to Illinois, the Huskers were again on the wrong end of the refs' contentious decision.

The refs did not review their decision after ruling that McCaffrey had fumbled the ball

After Luke McCaffery threw a forward pass while scrambling to find an open receiver, Illinois recovered the ball. The match officials ruled that a turnover had occurred, although the ball appeared to have traveled beyond the line of scrimmage. The refs did not review the decision even after replays showed that the call should have been overturned. Illinois scored a touchdown after recovering the ball in a favorable field position, and the team would build on their momentum and hold off the Huskers to record a 41-23 victory. However, several media analysts blasted the match officials for failing to re-examine the contentious play.

Media personalities blasted the refs for making the controversial call

During the game's broadcast, FOX analyst Mike Pereira disagreed with the fumbling call against McCaffery and explained that Nebraska should have retained the ball.

Pereira felt that McCaffery had advanced the ball forward, and the officials should have overturned their fumbling call and ruled the pass incomplete. In addition to Pereira, several media personalities took to social media to blast the refs for making the questionable decision. Nebraska fans have now speculated that the Big Ten and the NCAA could be out to frustrate their team.

The Huskers' opposition to the Big Ten's resolution to cancel the 2020 season in August led to a strained relationship between them. Nebraska's head coach, Scott Frost, insinuated that his team would consider playing teams outside the Power 5 conference if it refused to reverse its decision. Several Nebraska Huskers players filed lawsuits against the Big Ten conference to protest the season cancelation announcement. The Big Ten's commissioner, Kevin Warren, had to reverse his earlier pronouncement and announce an eight-week season, which began in October. However, Nebraska and the Big Ten's tension escalated during the second week of the season after the conference vetoed the Huskers' plans to play a game against Chattanooga.

The team had tried to organize the contest after its match against Wisconsin was canceled because of the Badger's coronavirus outbreak. While the recent refereeing decisions against Nebraska could be a coincidence, Huskers fans feel that the Big Ten could sabotage their team.