Scott Frost is in the hot seat after an underwhelming start to Nebraska’s football season. Nebraska Huskers fans were hopeful that Frost would be the man to change the school’s fortunes when he took over the job in 2018. Unfortunately, Frost has had a 9-15 record in his first two seasons. The third-year head coach has had to tolerate calls for his resignation from a section of fans who were not happy with the Huskers’ 0-2 start in 2020. In his latest media interview, Frost broke his silence and addressed the rumors about his job security.

Coach Frost is still hopeful that his plans for the Huskers will work out

As expected, Scott Frost took responsibility for his team’s failures. He admitted that his three years at Nebraska Huskers had not gone according to plan. However, Frost declared that he was still committed to making his team competitive in the Big Ten. The former UCF coach maintained that he has not lost hope in the work he has put in during his tenure with the Huskers. Frost also addressed the recent calls for his resignation by acknowledging that his team will have to win games at a higher rate. Despite the pressure from Huskers’ fans, Frost believes that he has had even more expectations of himself and his vision for the program.

He said he is doing everything he can to turn the team into a college football powerhouse.

Several players have voiced their support for Coach Frost

After seeing Frost’s interview, several Huskers recruits logged in to Twitter to show their support for the third-year head coach.

Nebraska’s 2021 tight end recruit, Thomas Fidone, tweeted that Frost was the only man capable of handling the Husker’s head coaching job. Latrell Neville, another wide receiver recruit, shared the hashtag #InFrostWeTrust. Despite the rumblings about his job security, it is clear that Coach Frost still has the respect and support of his players, and Huskers fans will have to preserver even if the team struggles in 2020.

While Nebraska has had a 9-17 record under Frost, the team has lost a disproportionate number of close games. The Huskers are 3-10 in games decided by one score, with last Saturday’s 21-13 loss against Northwestern being the latest example of the team’s inability to close out games. Nebraska’s senior linebacker, Collin Miller has admitted that his teammates need to learn how to shut the door once they take a lead in tight contests. However, Miller revealed that his fellow players did not hang their heads after losing to Northwestern, and they are looking ahead to Saturday’s matchup against Penn State. Scott Frost will have an opportunity to silence his skeptics if he secures a win against the Nittany Lions. However, a loss could put him under more pressure since many fans are growing impatient with the Husker’s losing streak in the Big Ten conference.