Nebraska college football fans will continue to feel aggrieved at how the 2020 season is unfolding. The Huskers were the most vocal team to oppose the Big Ten’s decision to cancel fall sports earlier in August. Several Nebraska players moved to court to oppose the decision, which forced the Big Ten conference to reevaluate its verdict and plan for an eight-game season. However, Huskers fans were not happy after the team was handed a tough schedule, which would see it play five top 15 ranked teams. According to ESPN, Huskers' woes continued this week when its game against Wisconsin turned into no contest because of the Badgers’ coronavirus outbreak.

Wisconsin had 12 Coronaviruses cases before its game against Nebraska was canceled

Wisconsin announced on Wednesday that it had discovered 12 positive covid-19 cases. Six players, including the team’s starting quarterback, Graham Mertz were part of the positive cases, in addition to head coach, Paul Chryst. Coach Chryst spoke to the media after he learned about his positive test, and he confirmed that his team will not travel to Nebraska for Saturday’s scheduled game. Wisconsin’s athletic director, Barry Alvarez also gave an interview and revealed that he had consulted his Husker counterpart, Bill Moos, about the decision to skip the game. Alvarez claimed that Moos was understanding and professional about the resolution, but he was also disappointed.

A controversial poll on Twitter

It appears that the Huskers are not happy with the Big Ten’s protocols, which require teams to agree to a no-contest if a game is not played because of coronavirus cases on either team. According to Awful Announcing, Huskers posted a controversial poll on its Twitter account asking fans whether they believed that the Big Ten would have agreed to cancel Saturday’s game if the fortunes between the Huskers and Wisconsin had been reversed.

Even though the team later pulled down the poll, it’s safe to assume that some Nebraska officials feel that the Big Ten has treated the team unfairly.

During the Husker’s opening game against Ohio State, fans took to social media to criticize the match officials after they ejected Deontai Williams for tackling an opponent by leading with his helmet.

Replays showed that the Nebraska linebacker had used his shoulder to make the tackle, but the refs still stuck by their decision to eject Williams out of the game. Some fans feel that the Big Ten and other NCAA officials have been conspiring against Nebraska Huskers. It will be interesting to see how Huskers’ head coach, Scott Frost, reacts to his team’s latest setback, which has seen the Big Ten cancel the game against Wisconsin. If Nebraska fails to play an eight-game schedule, it will not qualify for the divisional playoffs.