Nebraska Huskers opened its Big Ten season by losing 52-17 to Ohio State Buckeyes. Despite the inflated scoreline, many fans were pleased with the Huskers' effort during the game. A section of spectators has slammed the refs who officiated the match for making several questionable decisions against Nebraska. During the game, the match officials ejected Deontai Williams on a targeting call for tackling an Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver by leading with his helmet, reports 247 Sports. However, replays showed that Williams used his shoulder to make the hit, and one Fox Sports analyst felt that the Huskers were treated unfairly.

Joe Klatt blasts refs for their decision to eject Deontai Williams

Joe Klatt slammed the Big Ten officials for sticking with their decision to eject Williams even after they reviewed the controversial play. The Fox Sports analysts felt that the call to kick the Nebraska linebacker out of the game put the team at a disadvantage. Klatt did not hold back his criticism of the decision, and he wondered what the Big Ten refs expected Williams to do since he had tried to withdraw his helmet when making the tackle on the Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver. While wrapping up his commentary of the game, Klatt urged the Huskers to appeal to the Big Ten office to overturn the decision. He also asked the Big Ten officials to provide a more detailed explanation for their reasoning in deciding to eject Williams.

Coach Frost has hinted that he may ask the Big Ten officials to overturn Williams' ejection

Nebraska's head coach, Scott Frost, hinted that he would challenge the Big Ten headquarters' decision. Frost claimed that he was convinced that his linebacker had made the correct play from watching the replays. Even though the Huskers head coach will hold discussions with match officials to have the decision overturned, he has urged his players to avoid making mistakes that might end up putting them at a disadvantage during games.

Despite the disappointing loss to the Huskers, fans are looking forward to the next game against Wisconsin, hoping that the team will get their first win of the season. The Huskers' defense will have to step up since they will be without Williams, the ejected linebacker, during the first half of the game. However, fans are eager to see how the offense operates in Coach Frost's dual quarterback system.

Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffrey both saw meaningful playing time during Saturday's game against Ohio State, and the Huskers' offense looked unpredictable when both quarterbacks got onto the field. It will also be interesting to see how the refs officiate the next game against Nebraska. Given the current pressure from fans and the media, the match officials will be under increased scrutiny.