His performance at the recent BMW Championship at Olympia Fields was a letdown for Tiger Woods. The venue resembled that of a US Open, complete with hard, fast greens and dense rough. He has to play with the handicap of a surgically repaired back that adds to his worries. It affects his game because his well-calculated shots fail to find the mark but go wayward. These failures prey on his mind results in loss of concentration and leave his fans disappointed. He admits that his back will always trouble him and says - "When you have a fusion, that's just part of the deal.

I'll have my good days and bad days." The master is aware of these and hopes to fare better at the Winged Foot Golf club in Mamaroneck, New York, from September 17-20.

Channel News Asia fears Tiger Woods is losing his grip over the game. The 2020 PGA Championship is over, and Tiger Woods has to wait some more time for the elusive record of Jack Nicklaus and his haul of 18 major titles. Woods is a 15-time major winner and has 82 US PGA Tour titles, which was the same as that of Sam Snead. Woods knows he is passing through a lean phase and has to be patient.

Winged Foot has seen Tiger Woods twice

Winged Foot saw Tiger Woods for the first time in 1997. It was his first PGA Championship, and he shared 29th place. That was a few months after his landmark victory at the Masters. He faltered at the same venue in the 2006 US Open. Channel News Asia says he made amends by winning his next two major.

These were at the 2006 British Open and PGA. He has a few tricks up his sleeve of how best to play his shots. In the period just before the US Open, he would have to concentrate on improving his placement. This is critical to the game and requires combining a fit and agile body, eyesight of an eagle, and superb concentration.

He has to compete against much younger opponents who pose real challenges. Their reflexes are faster, and it will make his game that much more exciting.

Tiger Woods has more golf coming up

While at Winged Foot, Woods engaged in a practice round in soft conditions. He tried to get a feel of the grounds and the surroundings to prepare himself to face the challenges ahead in the coronavirus's current age. The games would be devoid of the huge crowds of fans who add zing to any game. Their absence might affect the outcome of the game. Golfers like Woods are Celebrities and want to hold the attention of their supporters. They love to play for the galleries. Channel News Asia mentions about upcoming tours for Tiger Woods.

After the US Open, he has the Masters where he has to defend the green jacket. Its original schedule was in April but will now be in November because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similarly, for Zozo Championship. Its venue was Japan, and Woods won it in 2019, but it will now be in California because of the coronavirus. This course is familiar to him and should not pose many problems.

Golf legend Tiger Woods and his second PopStroke course in America

According to The Sun UK, Tiger Woods announced the opening of a second PopStroke course in America. The 36-hole center will be in Fort Myers, Florida. It promises to be a fun destination for putters irrespective of age. The golf legend has designed it.

The course will have fairways, bunkers, and roughly made entirely out of synthetic turf.

There will also be an outdoor dining area and a playground for the kids. He wants to promote the game and bring families and friends together. In May 2020, Tiger Woods gave some advice to young golfers. His advice was to limit the amount of running they do. That would help them to preserve their energy. His game has taken a beating in recent times due to health issues, but his fans hope that he can still produce something special.