Tiger Woods is a golfer in his 40s and a master in the game. It is an individual-oriented game and success depends on the personal traits of the person who wields the club. His target is the hole and he has to not only be accurate but also maintain full concentration to ensure that focus is not lost. Obviously, the body has to be fit, especially the muscles in the arms, the wrist, the calf, and the back. Their health defines the staying power of the golfer and his success.

Daily Mail UK says during a recent question-and-answer session with fans, Tiger Woods faced a question.

The question was: “If you had one thing you could go back in time and tell your younger self, what would it be?” The master golfer had a ready answer. It was to control the urge to run. He explained that in the initial stages of his career he used to run over 30 miles a week. He kept it up for the first five or six years on tour and it took a heavy toll on his body and knees. The break up was a four-mile run before hitting both the weight room and the golf course. At the end of the day, he would run another four miles.

Tiger Woods plans a match for Covid-19 relief

The American golfer, Tiger Woods won 13 of his 15 career major championships when he was still in his 30s. Subsequently, a spate of injuries affected his performance.

These necessitated surgeries to the knee and back. At present, he and Sam Snead both have the most wins (82) in PGA Tour history. Tiger Woods had to pull out of a couple of important championships because of injury before Coronavirus halted the PGA Tour. A golfer like Tiger Woods just cannot sit idle. Right now, fears of Covid-19 has put the world of sports on the backburner.

Any outdoor sports must have spectators who encourage their teams to outplay the opponents. However, that is now a dream because of the issues of social distancing. This is a new term coined in the context of the coronavirus which is a highly contagious disease. Outdoor games cannot expect spectators until the pandemic is contained.

Daily Mail UK says that in a world starved of live sport, Tiger Woods has a plan. It is to team up with Phil Mickelson and NFL legends Tom Brady and Peyton Manning for a unique match. There will be no spectators. The venue could be in Florida, and the proceeds will go towards Covid-19 relief. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has granted his approval and the probable date could be May 23. The proposal has to get the approval of the PGA Tour.

It was a memorable comeback for Tiger Woods

According to Fox News, at a certain point in his personal life, he faced several incidents that devastated his career.

It was in 2009 when he crashed his SUV into a fire hydrant outside his home in Florida. Then came reports of his involvement in an extramarital affair. Later, in 2017, he pleaded to a case of reckless driving when the police discovered him asleep behind the wheel of his car with the engine still running. Woods explained it away as the result of medications related to pain. His legendary career faced hurdles of four back and five knee surgeries, some of which may have been the result of running. Anyway, in 2019, he returned to form. He won his fifth Masters and 15th major title, his first in 11 years.

The illustrious career of Tiger Woods

Golf is a game that requires the golfer to be in the best form both physically and mentally.

His power of concentration and determination to win puts him in a separate league. The American had a break in his career due to health issues but in 2018, Tiger Woods announced his return to form at the British Open in Carnoustie. Next year, in February, Donald Trump invited Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus for a round of golf in Mar-a-Lago. The golfer was regaining his form and in April 2019, Tiger Woods made a remarkable comeback by winning his 5th Masters title.