Over the past two days, college football fans have been trying to come to terms with the Big Ten’s decision to terminate its season. The Power 5 conference decided to cancel all athletic activities this fall due to the continued spread of the coronavirus in the United States. The decision came at a time when many college football players had taken to social media to express their desire to start the season on time in September. With different college programs in the Big Ten trying to make sense of the decision to cancel the 2020 season, Nebraska’s coach, Scott Frost, has defiantly claimed that his players will play football this season.

Playing outside Big Ten

In a recent interview, Frost declared that Nebraska was prepared to complete the 2020 season, even if it meant playing teams outside of the Big Ten conference. Frost claimed that while he respects the Big Ten’s decision to cancel its season, the University of Nebraska will do whatever it takes to play games in September. Frost said that the college would consider playing outside the Big Ten if the conference sticks by its decision.

Many pundits were shocked after the Big Ten’s commissioner, Kevin Warren, announced that the conference would not go ahead with its planned season. After Coach Frost maintained that Nebraska would consider playing outside the conference, Commissioner Warren contended that any Big Ten team that defies his decision and holds a season could risk expulsion from the lucrative conference.

However, it appears that Nebraska is willing to take that risk. Coach Frost has been adamant that his players will continue their preparations for the upcoming season.

Scott Frost's opinion

The Husker’s coach has opined that canceling the 2020 season because of the coronavirus will do more harm than good to college football.

Frost has argued that playing out the season is the best way of protecting his players from contracting the coronavirus. According to Frost, Nebraska will offer frequent coronavirus tests to its players and staff, and any individual that contracts the disease will receive the best medical care available. Coach Frost has also noted that Nebraska would lose $80-$120 million if the team doesn’t take the field this season.

If the Big Ten sticks by its decision to cancel the season, Nebraska could look to play teams from the ACC, Big 12, Pac 12, and the SEC. However, many analysts believe that those conferences are likely to follow the Big Ten’s lead and cancel their college football seasons. It will be interesting to see whether Nebraska goes through with its threat and leaves the Big Ten conference. For now, Coach Frost remains defiant that his team will find a way to get on the field for the 2020 season.