Tristan Bounds recently made a controversial statement that raised a lot of eyebrows online. This sparked an online spat between the Michigan Wolverines and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Michigan Wolverines recruit Tristan Bounds accidentally started a firestorm in the previous week. This was after he vowed to defeat the Ohio State Buckeyes next season.

Bounds’ inflammatory statement earned a clapback from Buckeyes commit and no. 3 quarterback Kyle McCord. McCord simply retweeted a news link to Bounds’ statement and said that he should not have said what he said.

The Twitter beef is the latest entry in the consistent back-and-forth between Ohio State and Michigan. The two have been fierce rivals for decades despite Michigan’s lackluster performance in the past years.

It can be recalled that Bounds also promised to get in the recruiting trail for Michigan. He even promised to help the Wolverines win the national championships. Michigan just might deliver an improved performance in the next season. So far, their recruitment haul has been impressive, with the Wolverines ranking no. 6 in the country.

Earlier this month, Tristan Bounds became the latest recruit to declare for the Michigan Wolverines. He became the fourth offensive lineman to join the team’s 2021 class.

Bounds announced his intentions to join the Wolverines on Twitter. He also thanked the coaches from other schools that he communicated with during the entire recruitment season. The Connecticut native received a total of 25 offers in the past months. Among the teams that sought his attention are the Duke Blue Devils, the California Golden Bears, and the Boston College Eagles.

Assessing Bounds’ talents

Less than a month since he announced his commitment, Tristan Bounds already seems like a power player for the Michigan Wolverines. The Michigan Recruiting Insider Podcast predicted that Bounds will be a sleeper player for the team. According to 247Sports, Bounds ranked no. 39 among offensive tackles.

The three-star player is also no. 2 in the state of Connecticut. Interestingly, Bounds had a history of playing basketball as well. This could explain his relative versatility in the football field.

Penn State Nittany Lions could be a threat to Ohio State Buckeyes

Meanwhile, Penn State Nittany Lions could prove to be a formidable player in the Big Ten Conference next season. The team could be a threat to the dominance of the Ohio State Buckeyes for the first time in a long time. The College Football Daily podcast predicted that the Nittany Lions could be the Buckeyes’ toughest competition. According to the podcasts’ hosts, Ohio State is still the odds-on favorite to win the conference. However, they could lose one game to Penn State. It can be recalled that the Penn State Nittany Lions finished no. 9 nationally last season. The team had an 11-2 (7-2 in Big Ten) record in 2019.