There is hope that the 2020 college football season will start on time. The world of sports has been among the worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic. College football teams had to cancel spring training earlier this year as the United States tried to contain the virus. While the country continues to battle the pandemic, many fans have wondered whether college football teams will stick to the 2020 schedule. The NCAA has said that it will continue to monitor the situation and advice college programs on the best course of action.

Coach praised by pundits

If the season begins as planned, one team has been tipped to improve drastically. The Nebraska football program has underachieved over the past few years, and there was hope that the appointment of Scott Frost would make the team competitive again. However, the first two years of Frost’s reign as head coach have been underwhelming. The Huskers have a 9-15 record in that period, and the team has not qualified for a bowl game. Although the Huskers’ results have not been impressive, many pundits believe that the team will have a great season this year.

Analysts have tipped Nebraska to be a competitive force in the Big Ten conference. The optimism surrounding the team stems from the fact that Coach Frost has recruited some quality players over the last two seasons.

Frost has built the roster in his image, and his third year with the Huskers could see him execute his vision for the team successfully. In their college football season preview, sports magazine Street and Smith predicted that Nebraska would finish second in the West Division and qualify for a bowl game.

Frost on experienced players

On his part, Coach Frost has stated that he will have to lean on experienced players to get his team ready for the upcoming season. The Huskers’ coach has acknowledged that the upcoming season will present many challenges for his team, but he expects his senior players to lead the team. Frost has attributed Nebraska’s early struggles under his tenure to the high roster turnover that took place after he arrived.

Due to the unique circumstances brought about by the coronavirus, Coach Frost hopes that his veterans can set an example to the younger players on the squad.

In a recent interview, Frost said that he expects his older players at all positions to show leadership. Nebraska has several promising young players on its roster, and if the team wants to improve, the young players will have to be consistent in their game. The team’s off-season activities could be affected by the measures put in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic. However, Nebraska fans should feel confident about their team heading into the new season.