Since taking over, as Clemson Tiger’s head coach in 2008, Dabo Swinney has built a winning culture at the institution. The 50-year-old has turned the Tigers into a football powerhouse. Over the last five years, Clemson has made it to the National Championship game four times and has won it twice. This year, the team lost to LSU in the national title game. Despite the loss, the Tigers remain one of the top programs in the country, reports 247 Sports. Dabo Swinney has established a unique identity for the Clemson football team. This week, he revealed that part of the team’s culture is to avoid using foul cuss words.

We are trying to make them better men

While it can be hard for young players to avoid cussing while expressing their emotions, Dabo Swinney has devised a system for the players to express themselves without being vulgar. In a recent interview with The Post and Courier, the Tiger’s head coach said that he only allowed his players to use three words to vent out any frustrations. Hell, a*s, and damn. Swinney said that it all starts with the team’s coaches, who are strictly expected to stay within the team’s limited vocabulary when emotions run high. “We try to set a good example and our players try," reports Post and Courier. However, some players find it hard to stick to the three cuss words, and the coaches are quick to correct them when they get off course.

The culture of Clemson Tigers

Clemson’s strict culture ensures that everybody is in line. The Tigers are preparing for next season, and the players have already arrived for spring training. The team’s offensive lineman, Jackson Carman, is aware that Clemson’s way of doing things is different. However, he says that all the players on the team are fully on board with the culture, and Coach Swinney’s methods.

“I’d definitely say the culture here is a lot different than other places. I’d also say it’s what makes this place unique. We’re on the same page," reports Post and Courier.

The Tigers have produced excellent offensive players over the years. Houston Texan’s quarterback Deshaun Watson led Clemson Tigers to a National Championship during his three years with the team.

The team’s current quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, has also led the team to a national title, and many analysts have predicted that he will be the number one pick in the 2021 draft. The defense has also been a key contributor to their dominance. In spring training this week, assistant coach Brent Venables said he liked what he saw from the unit on the first day of training camp. The team will be looking to replace some key contributors such as Isaiah Simmons and AJ Terrell. Let us know what you think about Swiney's coaching, put your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more news and updates on Clemson Tigers.