The Nebraska football team suffered a bit of a loss on Friday night. One of their last remaining big targets for the 2020 class decided he'd rather attend the University of Missouri.

The Cornhuskers had been hoping to lure the prospect away from Ole Miss. The 3-star receiver had been a commit to the Running Rebels since last June but officially pulled that commit on January 21.

Even before he decided he didn't want to be at Ole Miss, it was clear there was a better than average chance he was going to be pulled away from the school.

Because of that, the Nebraska football staff had put in some serious work trying to show him the grass was greener.

It turns out that work backfired a bit this week.

Visits prove fruitful for Missouri

The Nebraska football team managed to get Abrams-Draine to take a visit to Lincoln earlier this month. The receiver also visited Missouri a week later. It turns out the visit to Columbia was enough to convince him the Tigers were where he should end up.

It appears the receiver has wanted to stay in the area of the conference he knows best. The recruiting loss does sting, according to analysts who believed he was leaning towards the Cornhuskers since he didn't sign with Ole Miss during the December signing period.

When the staff was able to get him into town, it appeared to some that he was just days away from becoming a Nebraska Cornhusker.

Then he paid that visit to Missouri and the tide began to turn.

Now the Huskers are back to the drawing board when it comes to who they might be able to rope in before the February signing period for the 2020 class.

Bad news for Nebraska football recruiting continues

It was not a good week for the Huskers on the recruiting front, whether talking about 2020 or 2021.

Just a few days before Kris Abrams-Draine announced he was headed to Missouri rather than Nebraska, the Cornhuskers lost a man who had committed to play for them.

RJ Sorensen was in fact, the first defensive player to commit from the 2021 class and was considered quite the get by most recruiting analysts. He filled what has been an ongoing need when it comes to defensive lineman and at the time of his commitment marked ongoing success on the recruiting front.

While there hasn't been a real explanation as to why the defensive lineman has decided to become a free agent. "I want to fully reopen my recruitment process and explore other options that have presented themselves," he wrote on Twitter in part.

It's not known what exactly the opportunities he's talking about are. The pass rusher was offered by Kentucky on Thursday, but that was after he decided he didn't want to be committed to the Nebraska football team anymore.