Jordan Riley may have only been in the Nebraska Cornhuskers for a short time so far but he already feels like he belongs to the team. According to Riley, one of the best things about being in Nebraska is the fact that appreciation of football is very much alive on campus, reports 247 Sports. He also praised the high-quality facilities that are available to the football players in Nebraska.

After a short stint with the Garden City Broncbusters, Riley could finally be in a team that will hone his potential for greatness. He is expected to be a major part of the team’s defensive line.

He already promised that he will help Nebraska win more games in the upcoming years. The North Carolina bounce back announced his commitment to the Huskers in December. His decision could have been partially influenced by his weekend trip to the Lincoln campus.

Huskers in the 2020 season and beyond

The next few years will serve as a test for whether the reforms and changes head coach Scott Frost instituted in the Nebraska Cornhuskers will bear fruit. The next season will certainly be an uphill battle for Nebraska. Based on the schedule released for the 2020-21 college football season, the Huskers will face the Ohio State Buckeyes, Penn State Nittany Lions, Iowa Hawkeyes, Wisconsin Badgers, and Minnesota Golden Gophers.

These teams will be their opponents for five consecutive matches.

Whether or not Nebraska will be able to break through in the next season, it already has a game plan for the upcoming years. It has started investing in incoming players for the next three football cycles, which could bode well for its talents.

Nebraska Cornhuskers loses multiple players

Even as 2020 predictions for the Nebraska Cornhuskers are increasingly becoming positive, the team still suffered a few losses in the past week. There are reports that running back Jaylin Bradley will be leaving the Huskers to enter the transfer portal. Bradley, who was a three-star running back from the 2017 class, showed huge potential as a player.

However, he had only shown up in the field once in the past two seasons.

Bradley has not confirmed yet if he will be a graduate transfer. He may have to be inactive during the 2020 season so he can play again in 2021. The transferee is the fourth Nebraska player confirmed to be leaving the team in the past few days. Offensive lineman John Raridon has chosen to end his college football career early so he can pursue an architecture career. The two other departing players are also headed for the transfer portal. These players are linebacker Pernell Jefferson and cornerback Tony Butler. Stay tuned for more news and updates.