Trevor Lawrence, quarterback of Clemson Tigers warmly welcomed the announcement that running back Travis Etienne will complete his senior season this year. After Etienne made his announcement on Twitter, Lawrence retweeted Etienne’s statement about his 2020 NFL Draft decision, reports 247 Sports. Lawrence wrote that they will be “back to business” soon.

Clemson Tigers' running back

The Clemson Tigers running back’s decision to return to his college football team surprised many football pundits and experts.

For the past two years, Travis Etienne has been one of the top running backs in college football. Many people assumed that he would jump to the NFL right away.

Etienne, however, is not closing his doors to an NFL career. He said that it is still his goal to play in the NFL but, right now, he just wants to concentrate on finishing his studies and helping the Tigers land another national championship.

Many people believe that Etienne made the decision to return to Clemson because of his wide-ranging grades. Based on the estimates, there is still a chance that he might not be chosen in the first round. Returning to Clemson for his senior season could be his way of improving his numbers.

Travis Etienne and Trevor Lawrence in the Clemson Tigers

Both Trevor Lawrence and Etienne were influential in the impressive performance of the Tigers over the past two years. They are arguably the two brightest stars on the current roster. Even though the 2020-21 football season has yet to begin, Lawrence and Etienne are already being hailed as potential early picks for the 2021 NFL Draft.

Lawrence, for example, is widely considered the no. 1 pick. Etienne, on the other hand, could be picked in the first round.

Clemson Tigers assembles formidable 2020 class

With the return of Travis Etienne, the Clemson Tigers are becoming an even stronger contender for the next season’s national championship title. Etienne holds the all-time Clemson Tigers rushing record.

He is also a 2,000-yard player. He is also quite versatile, with great showings as a receiver for the team.

Of course, Trevor Lawrence is already a strong asset for the Tigers. He is currently a favorite for this year’s Heisman Trophy. The Tigers’ playing schedule for the 2020 season also strengthens their case for a national championship. One of their advantages is the fact that Clemson is in the relatively weak conference, ACC. That could make their path to the semifinals a much easier journey.

Clemson Tigers’ missed chance for back-to-back championship

The tragic loss Clemson Tigers suffered under the LSU Tigers was even more heartbreaking considering that it cost them the chance for a back-to-back win.

The team’s 42-25 defeat to the LSU Tigers blocked them from having a back-to-back championship title. It would have been the first time a team had consecutive national titles since the Alabama Crimson Tides did it in 2011 and 2012.