After announcing that he will be taking part in the 2020 NFL Draft, Isaiah Simmons published a farewell message to fans of the Clemson Tigers. In his announcement, he wrote that wherever his professional football career will take him, a part of him will always be part of the Clemson Tigers. He also credited head coach Dabo Swinney and defensive coordinator Brent Venables for helping develop his skills as a player.

Isaiah Simmons heads to 2020 NFL Draft

Isaiah Simmons will be one of the players that will vie for spots in the 2020 NFL Draft. Announcing the news on all his social media accounts, Simmons confirmed the rumors that have been swirling for weeks now.

With his entrance to the NFL Draft, he will be forgoing his last year as a university student.

Isaiah Simmons on Twitter, "take a chance, because you never know how perfect something can turn out."

Simmons served as one of the top stars, in the Clemson lineup, for the past three years. In the 2019 season, he tallied 102 tackles and eight pass breakups. The year before that, he was also named as the winner of the Butkus Award. This made him the best linebacker in the college football world that year.

Simmons is also hailed for his versatility in the football field.

He served as boundary cornerback, outside linebacker, inside linebacker, safety, and slot cornerback at different points of the regular season. This will make him a huge asset for whatever NFL team he ends up with. Because of Simmons’ impressive record, many teams have expressed interest in him. He is currently projected as a top 10 selection in the NFL Draft.

Other NFL declarations from Clemson Tigers

Isaiah Simmons is not the only player from the Clemson Tigers who will be heading to the 2020 NFL Draft. Clemson will also lose wide receiver Tee Higgins to the Draft. Higgins officially announced his decision last week on Twitter. He reserved a big part of his announcement thanking his coaches, especially Swinney.

Higgins is considered as one of the top receivers in the college football world. During his third year as a player, he recorded 13 receptions and 1,167 yards. If Higgins gets selected for the NFL Draft, he will become the ninth wide receiver Clemson has produced. Among the previous eight NFL wide receivers are Sammy Watkins, Mike Williams, and DeAndre Hopkins.

Another Clemson player, defensive back AJ Terrell, has also decided to be part of this year’s NFL Draft. As a junior, he was able to make 39 tackles, seven pass breakups, and four quarterback pressures all season long. Terrell was a first-team selection for the All-ACC Football Team that same year. Stay tuned for more sports news and updates.