The Chicago Cubs offseason has been a bit frustrating for the team's fans. That frustration boiled over a bit at the recent Cubs Convention.

When the team's owner, Tom Ricketts gave a speech about his new Marquee Network, the frustration caused a cascade of boos to rain down from the fans in attendance.

As people pointed out, almost immediately after the video of Ricketts being booed hit the Internet, many analysts and writers made it clear the anger was likely not over the new Cubs-centric network.

While there was confusion over just why the conference attendees decided to boo at that particular moment, there was very little doubt there was indeed some booing going on. At least there wasn't much doubt at what happened outside of the man who was the target of that vitriol.

Appearing the next day, on local radio station 670 The Score, Ricketts claimed he didn't think he was really being booed. Chicago Cubs fans were quick to point out, online, that he was indeed the target of those boos.

Owner of the Chicago Cubs denying reality?

Since the beginning of the 2019 offseason, the moves by the club have confused many who thought the team was going to be spending in order to build up a roster that missed the playoffs.

The team has been moving backward when it comes to the postseason since 2016.

After winning the franchise's first world title in over 100 years the team returned to the NLCS in 2017 but lost there. In 2018, they managed only to make the one-game playoff and saw their season end at the hands of the Colorado Rockies. Last year, they were realistically out of the running for the postseason in the middle of September.

This offseason has seen the Cubs acquire several minor league players with invites to spring training. They've been sitting out the bidding for most of the big-name players, claiming they can't do anything until they know what's happening with the Cubs and their third baseman Kris Bryant's grievance.

Keeping that in mind, some fans decided to make sure Tom Ricketts knew they were upset.

He responded by claiming he doesn't think it happened at all.

Chicago Cubs looking at being sellers

With one of the highest payrolls in baseball, the Cubs have talked quite a bit behind the scenes about how they want to get under MLB's luxury tax. One of the ways the franchise is said to be attempting to do that is to trade away star third baseman Kris Bryant. That alone has some fans of the team wondering how dedicated to winning Tom Ricketts and the rest of the front office is. The Cubs Convention was the first time many of those fans had a chance to voice their displeasure at the approach the club is taking. They booed, even if the team's owner claims otherwise.