Fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes are unlikely to forget the 2019 Fiesta Bowl fiasco anytime soon. It looks like they will take it one step further with an online campaign to hold the refs accountable. Tons of Buckeye fans have taken to social media to urge the NCAA to fire the referees and officials responsible for the divisive calls. According to them, sacking them would be one step towards ensuring accountability.

A lot of the team’s fans think that the two calls that resulted in the erasure of an Ohio State touchdown, and the ejection of Buckeye cornerback Shaun Wade, stunted the team’s momentum.

The game ended in favor of the Clemson Tigers with 29-23.

Herbstreit criticizes ESPN conspiracy theories

Kirk Herbstreit, an ESPN football commentator and former co-captain of Ohio State, slammed Buckeye fans for peddling conspiracy theories about ESPN’s coverage of the Fiesta Bowl.

The former Ohio State quarterback said that ESPN could not be biased in favor of the Clemson Tigers.

Ohio State draws one of the largest television audiences in the college football world. Clemson’s numbers, on the other hand, cannot even compare to the ratings that the Buckeyes bring in. It would make more sense if ESPN would prefer the Buckeyes.

College bowl football refereeing in crosshairs

With this latest controversy, referees in college football bowl games are now in the spotlight once again.

When video replay was added to college football in 2006, it was supposed to provide irrefutable evidence to the referees. Now, video replay’s neutrality is being put into question.

Many Ohio State followers and non-fans disagree with both the referees in the just-finished Fiesta Bowl.

The officials, however, maintain that an incomplete pass transpired during the game, which renders the ensuing Ohio State touchdown void. Since there is no responsive appeal system in the games, the calls the referees made will have to stand.

Now, there are calls to be stricter in screening referees for important games like the ones during the bowl season. Many fans also suggest more reforms in the rules and guidelines of the games.

Influential college football personalities disagree with overturned fumble

Multiple prominent college football personalities have already spoken out about the 2019 Fiesta Bowl controversy.

According to CBS Sports, outgoing national coordinator of football officials Rogers Redding has said that the call should have been kept. Additionally, Big Ten officiating coordinator Bill Carollo said that for the decision to be overturned, the incomplete pass should have been "really obvious." This is not the case with the Fiesta Bowl. Herbstreit also said that the decision to overturn the catch and fumble should not have been done. He believes Ohio State should have kept the touchdown.