With news that Tom Brady might leave the New England Patriots this year, people are clamoring for the team to tank for current Clemson Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Many fans believe that it would be smart for the New England Patriots to take advantage of their horrible season by tanking for Lawrence. If Brady does decide to leave for another team or retire, the Patriots will need another great quarterback. It is becoming increasingly obvious that only Lawrence will be able to match Brady’s immense skill.

Trevor Lawrence on New England Patriots' radar

Lawrence is prohibited to enter the NFL Draft until 2021. So the New York Patriots have a year to make an offer the Clemson quarterback cannot refuse. If Brady does decide to leave the Patriots, he would be ending one of the most productive professional football partnerships in history. He has broken and set a lot of NFL records during his time with the team. He also helped the Patriots become the team with the most Super Bowl appearances.

New England Patriots experiences shockingly disappointing 2019

The New England Patriots have had a disappointing run in the past few months. Earlier this month, the Patriots suffered their earliest elimination from the NFL playoffs.

They lost to the Tennessee Titans in a 20-13 wildcard game. Before facing the Titans in the football field, the Patriots also experienced a shock loss to the Miami Dolphins. The game happened during the last week of the NFL’s regular season. This contributed to the Patriots having to play the wildcard game to advance to the next round.

Trevor Lawrence record on Clemson Tigers

Trevor Lawrence has an impressive record as part of the Clemson Tigers. He started his college football career in 2018 when he was chosen as the starting quarterback for Clemson. He helped the Tigers achieve an undefeated record during the regular season. This eventually led to an amazing 42-10 win over the Pittsburgh Pitbulls during the 2018 ACC Championship Game.

Eventually, Clemson won the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship Game, defeating the Alabama Crimson Tides 44-16. With the championship, Lawrence became the first true freshman to start for a national titleholder since 2005. As a result, he was named the game’s Offensive MVP and National Freshman of the Year.

By 2019, Lawrence was already a big star. Even before the season began, his name is already being discussed as a potential Heisman Trophy finalist. If Lawrence is going to be included in the New England Patriots this year, he will surely be a big asset to the team. The fact that the Clemson Tigers only got defeated once, during his stint as quarterback, is a major plus for him.