Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Ryan Day confessed that he and his team are still not ready to forget about their devastating loss to the Clemson Tigers during the 2019 Fiesta Bowl. In his first interview since the loss, Day said that it will take time for them to let go of their massive defeat. He also admitted that there were a lot of favorable moments during the game that they could have exploited in their favor.

Day did acknowledge that the Ohio State Buckeyes still had a terrific season. All things considered, they still recorded a 13-1 season record in 2019.

That is still an enviable tally in the insanely competitive world of college football. According to ESPN, Ryan said, "We felt like we had a chance to go win the whole thing, we didn't do it, so it's going to stay fresh in our minds."

Ryan Day on what he is looking forward to next season

With the disappointing end they had, to the 2019 season, Ryan Day is already looking forward to what his team can do in the 2020 games. He's looking forward, particularly, to working with new quarterback coach Corey Dennis. Dennis, who previously served as senior quality control coach for Ohio State [VIDEO], helped Day a lot in ensuring that the Buckeyes are among the best teams in the country.

According to Day, Dennis has a good relationship with the team’s quarterbacks.

He will contribute a lot to the team’s efforts in the 2020 season.

Day also revealed that prominent coaches have started discussions on how to reform college football’s targeting rule. Ohio State fell victim to the rule during the 2019 Fiesta Bowl after referees ejected cornerback Shaun Wade. He also hoped that quarterback Justin Fields will be on his 100 percent in the next season.

Additionally, he admitted that he required everyone in the team to watch the national championships even if it was tough for them.

Ohio State vs Clemson in 2020 season?

A new rivalry is starting to form between Clemson and Ohio State. In recent surveys published about the top 25 college football teams for the 2020 season, the Ohio State Buckeyes is a common choice for the runner-up position.

The Clemson Tigers, of course, is a unanimous choice for no. 1

Ohio State was chosen for the no. 2 position by all the publications except USA Today. The Alabama Crimson Tides, Georgia Bulldogs, LSU Tigers, and Oklahoma Sooners follow the top two in most lists. This only strengthens the argument that an Ohio State-Clemson rivalry is becoming a real thing. This is especially true after the divisive response to the 2019 Fiesta Bowl.

For a long time, Ohio State’s main rival is the Michigan Wolverines. But with the numerous losses that the Wolverines have sustained against the Buckeyes over the years, they have been written off by many college football fans. Stay tuned for more updates.