The Nebraska Cornhuskers are continuing their recruitment push It looks like the team's training staff already has its sights on several high school quarterbacks. One of those being considered is 2022 recruit Walker Howard, who is from Lafayette, Louisiana, reports Journal Star. They have also offered a scholarship to California quarterback AJ Duffy for the 2022 class.

Quarterbacks for Nebraska Cornhuskers

It can be recalled that the four quarterbacks, on the current Nebraska roster, joined the team before Frost even became part of the staff. The 2021 class will be crucial in maintaining the team’s strong offensive.

The Huskers already have a skilled stable of quarterbacks. With the guidance of head coach Scott Frost and quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco, they could become among the strongest quarterbacks in the conference. Offensive coordinator Matt Lubick will also be there to make sure that the quarterbacks are briefed about the team’s offensive strategy.

2020 season for Nebraska Cornhuskers

The 2020 season will offer the Nebraska Cornhuskers plenty of opportunities to show off the team's wide range of talents. It is looking like the Nebraska Huskers could improve on their 2019 record in the next regular season. The Huskers have one of the strongest recruiting classes in the country. According to a ranking from, six Huskers are among the top 250 college football players, nationally.

The highest-ranking Husker on the list is wide receiver, Zavier Betts. He was placed at the 59th spot. Other players on the list are no. 64 Turner Corcoran, no. 171 Logan Smothers, no. 202 Keyshawn Greene, no. 232 Sevion Morrison, and no. 234 Henry Gray. The Huskers are getting more attention in the national scene lately because of their investment in elite recruitment.

The efforts have been slowly paying off for the team.

Two players leave Nebraska Huskers

The Nebraska Cornhuskers will see a lot of changes in their roster, for the 2020 season, as two players are leaving the lineup. Defensive back Tony Butler is now confirmed to be departing the team for the offseason. He said that he has now entered the transfer portal, making him immediately eligible for other teams in the college football circuit.

Outside linebacker Pernell Jefferson is also entering the transfer portal. The graduate transfer confirmed his decision on Twitter. In his post, he thanked the University of Nebraska-Lincoln community for giving him lots of opportunities since he became a three-star signee into the team in 2016. Butler and Jefferson join offensive lineman John Raridon in leaving the Nebraska Huskers. However, unlike Jefferson and Butler, Raridon opted to end his playing career early instead. Stay tuned for more updates on Nebraska Cornhuskers.