The Nebraska Cornhuskers have a huge advantage going into the 2021 season as Ru'Quan Buckley might sign into the team. According to Husker Corner, 247Sports’ Allen Trieu is predicting that Ru’Quan Buckley will sign with the Nebraska Cornhuskers for the 2021 class. The sports journalist is known for making accurate predictions in the college football world.

He would be the latest addition to Nebraska’s offensive line. In the past few years, sports commentators have noticed that the Huskers are prioritizing stocking up the offensive line. In the state of Michigan, Buckley ranks 19th overall in the 247Sports Composite tallies.

He is the 41rst ranked overall lineman in his class. It's worth mentioning, there are others attempting to snag Buckley, like Kentucky, Toledo, Iowa State, Michigan, and Central Michigan.

Ru'Quan Buckley in the Nebraska Cornhuskers

If Ru'Quan Buckley indeed becomes a part of the 2021 class of Nebraska Cornhuskers, he will be a major addition to the team. Buckley will be an incredibly strong member of the team’s offensive side. Looking at his performances in his high school games, he is an incredibly aggressive player.

The Michigan resident is also known for his ability to drive opponents backward. This means that he could be a versatile member of the team, playing well with the offensive side.

This makes him a huge asset for the Nebraska Huskers going into the 2021 season.

Henry Gray on his decision to come to the Nebraska Huskers

2020 class recruit Henry Gray has spoken up about his choice to become part of the Nebraska Huskers. Gray, who hails from sunny Florida, talked about how many potential recruits see the frigidness of the northern and midwestern schools like Nebraska as a negative.

However, he realized that it would be good training for him if he wants to play for NFL teams like New England and Green Bay in the future.

Pernell Jefferson enters transfer portal

Meanwhile, outside linebacker Pernell Jefferson will be leaving the Nebraska Cornhuskers to enter the transfer portal. Jefferson confirmed the news on his Twitter account.

While he is thankful for all the opportunities that the Huskers have presented to him, he now wants to finish his studies and play in another university.

The Louisiana resident started his career in the Huskers as a three-star prospect. Unfortunately, after four years of playing for Nebraska, he has had only limited playing time. Jefferson’s decision to transfer surprised many football commentators. This past summer, he got the Scout Team Defensive MVP. However, he has not played a down for the team. Stay tuned for more news and updates on Nebraska Cornhuskers.