Andre Hunt and Katerian LeGrone have been officially evicted from the apartment they share. The two former Nebraska football players have been informed they will need to find a new home and it's all because of the sexual assault allegation that got them kicked off the team,

The Omaha-World Herald reports the former Huskers players were served notices on Dec. 13. Those notices told Hunt and LeGrone they were being kicked out of their apartment because of the arrest stemming from their alleged sexual assault.

The two players are being evicted despite the fact that charges haven't been filed since their arrests.

Eviction days after the arrest

A quick check of the timeline shows the two former Nebraska football players were served their eviction notices just days after they appeared in court. That court appearance came in connection with claims by a woman that the pair is accused of having sexually assaulted her in their apartment in August. LeGrone was arrested on suspicion of first-degree sexual assault. Hunt was brought in by the police on suspicion of aiding and abetting first-degree sexual assault.

LeGrone was ordered in court to be held on bail and was later released on a $50,000 bail while LeGrone was assigned a $100,000 personal recognizance bond and eventually released. Both players were expected to be formally charged shortly after their court appearances.

Neither were.

The eviction motion was still filed with the court, and it appears the company that owns the building the two former Nebraska football players live in is moving ahead with the proceedings.

Kicked out of the university

Things have been slowly coming to a head for Hunt and LeGrone since before the Nebraska football season kicked off.

The two players were both suspended from the team before the Huskers game against South Alabama.

At the time, the coaching staff would not shed light on exactly why they were suspended. The team also wouldn't say for how long their suspensions would last, only saying they would be "indefinite."

The situation came to a head just after Thanksgiving, following a report by ESPN that shed light on what the two players had been suspended.

The site reported on the alleged sexual assault.

That report led to the university suspending Hunt and LeGrone from the university entirely for at least two and a half years. It wasn't long after the ESPN report the two former Huskers were arrested. Not long after their arrest, more women came forward to accuse them of sexual abuse as well.

For now, questions remain about how authorities are going to handle the allegations against the former Nebraska football players. For his part, Hunt has said there are schools that are interested in recruiting him now that he's a "free agent."