The Nebraska football team already went through one round of rumors it was losing an assistant coach during the early signing period. Now it appears there's talk of a different assistant possibly departing. Talk that Jovan DeWitt could be leaving Lincoln and heading to Chapel Hill has sparked up online in the last few days.

DeWitt, who has been with Scott Frost since their days at UCF has had a bit of a roller coaster stay with the Nebraska football team. It was revealed last year that the special teams coordinator and linebacker coach had successfully fought off a case of throat cancer.

The coach saw an outpouring of support online after the diagnosis and subsequent clean bill of health were revealed. Support from Husker fans waned once the 2019 season kicked off.

Since Frost and company arrived in Lincoln, the Cornhuskers' special teams have been a problem. Whether it was their punter, their placekickers, their return teams or their kick coverage, the Huskers have seen plenty of struggles. It appears some North Carolina Tarheels fans believe DeWitt might want off the roller coaster in Nebraska and coach in the ACC instead.

North Carolina retooling its staff

Mack Brown took North Carolina from a 2-9 record in 2018 to a 7-6 season in 2019 but it appears the Tar Heels' head coach isn't totally happy with his team's performance.

Earlier this week it was announced Brown had fired his special teams coordinator, Scott Boone. That created an opening some Tar Heels fans believe DeWitt could fill.

Among the reasons there is some talk DeWitt could be in the mix, is that he currently coaches the exact same positions for the Nebraska football team that Boone did at North Carolina.

Despite those similarities, talk of DeWitt going anywhere, at this point, appears to be very early.

Resume better than Nebraska football stay

Some Nebraska football fans, upon seeing the rumors circulate, expressed confusion over why Brown would fire a first-year coach and hire someone whose units have struggled in Lincoln. The answer to that question appears to be that DeWitt has built himself a resume that is quite a bit more impressive before coming to the Big Ten.

When DeWitt was the special teams coordinator, for Army in 2014-15, his units blocked an impressive seven kicks. At UCF, in the same positions he currently occupies for the Huskers, his units were the only team in the AAC to return both a punt and kick for touchdowns in 2016.

As an outside linebacker's coach, one of his more talented proteges, Shaquem Griffin, led the conference in sacks with 11. Still, if Mack Brown was unhappy with Scott Boone's special teams' 84th ranked team in efficiency ratings, why he would turn to DeWitt's 119th ranked unit for Nebraska football is an open question.