The demise of the Nebraska football Super Bowl streak isn't over after all. Former defensive back Daniel Bullocks has managed to help keep the streak alive ... as long as you're willing to stretch the rules of that streak.

On Sunday, there was quite a bit of talk about how the Huskers' 26-year streak was on the brink. Joshua Kalu, a defensive back with the Tennessee Titans thought he had the responsibility of keeping that streak alive.

When the Titans went down to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship, talk began that it would be the first time in over a quarter-century that a former Husker wouldn't be on the roster of a team in the Super Bowl.

It turns out Nebraska media missed one.

Bending the rules for the sake of Nebraska football

It's important to note the streak was already bound by a loose set of rules. The run included players being on both the active roster or the practice squad. The players keeping that line alive didn't need to see actual action in the Super Bowl. They simply had to be a member of the team.

Technically, those who have been keeping track of this sort of thing weren't including coaching staff as members of the roster. On the other hand, the streak has always been about former Huskers. By that standard, Daniel Bullocks could be said to have technically extended the unequaled run for one more season.

From Nebraska football to San Francisco 49er

When it comes to his playing days, Daniel Bullocks never even sniffed the playoffs. He spent parts of two seasons with the Detroit Lions over a decade ago. After his playing days came to a close, he went into coaching.

He's had a relatively fast rise through the ranks since choosing that career.

This season was his first as a full-fledged position coach. He is in charge of the Super Bowl-bound San Francisco 49er's safeties. It should be pointed out that means he's a defensive position coach on a team that had one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Bullocks might technically not qualify as a player, but the argument can certainly be made that he's more deserving of getting a mention as keeping the Super Bowl streak alive than a player who gets the nod because he's on someone's practice squad.

Bullocks will spend the next few weeks having direct input on how the defensive game plan will attempt to attack Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Nebraska football's new streak?

If there has been one thing the Husker football program has been lacking over the years, it's been a coaching tree. While the program certainly had success under Tom Osborne, the coaching tree didn't branch out all that much from Lincoln. These days, former Nebraska players are starting to get more mention as head coaches and assistants, in the NFL and college ranks alike.

Scott Frost might be the most well known, but former Nebraska offensive coordinator Jay Norvell is now the head man at Nevada. Bill Callahan was the interim head coach for Washington this past season.

Former Nebraska football quarterback Zac Taylor just finished his first season as a head coach for the Cincinnati Bengals. Now, Daniel Bullocks will get to coach his part of the secondary in the upcoming Super Bowl.