Matt Lubick might be new to Nebraska football faithful, but it turns out he isn't as new to the program that many thought. Lubick's hiring was announced on Friday night after a day where rumors circled the Huskers at a rapid pace.

It turns out, while Lubick's stay as a full-time assistant is one day old, he's been working with head coach Scott Frost and the rest behind the scenes. In fact, he's been working with Frost since the beginning of the season.

That little tidbit came to light during a recent interview with his hometown newspaper, the Coloradoan.

Joining a friend on the Nebraska football team

When it was announced Troy Walters was leaving the Huskers, rumors quickly started that Matt Lubick could be the one filling in at his position. Those rumors were rather quickly confirmed and it became clear the program had been in touch with the former Oregon wide receivers' coach before Friday.

Lubick talked to the newspaper about the closeness he has with Frost. That closeness goes back to when he was working with the current Husker coach when Frost was the Oregon Ducks' offensive coordinator.

After Frost left for UCF, Lubick took over offensive play calling. Things didn't go great there, and eventually, he was fired with the rest of the staff.

Now he's joining a group that got a vote of confidence from Nebraska brass by offering Frost a two-year extension on a contract that was already still going five years.

Secret Nebraska football assistant?

Most of Lubick's interview was about his love for the state of Colorado and the fact that he enjoyed being home and taking some time off from coaching.

He moved to Washington after leaving Oregon but stepped away from coaching entirely after the 2019 season.

At least that was the thought until Friday. While he wasn't a full-fledged coach for any team, he shared that he had been consulting with the Cornhusker staff during the 2019 season. Lubick had been watching video and discussing what he saw with the staff.

Now he's the full-time offensive coordinator and wide receiver's coach. Analysts have said there won't be much of a change when it comes to Lubick replacing Troy Walters.

The two have worked well together, according to both men. They know how to work together thanks to their previous stop. Now they'll be testing it out in Lincoln.

Nebraska assistant has spotty recruiting record

One question that has been raised since Lubick got hired was "can he recruit?" The jury seems to still be out. While he earned a reputation as a "tireless" recruiter in Oregon, Washington fans beg to differ. Several took to Twitter on Friday night to talk about how the receiver room was depleted for UW. That might sound familiar to Nebraska football fans when it comes to Troy Walters.