"90 Day Fiance" stars Rebecca and Zied show how romantic they are to each other on social media accounts. Three days ago Rebecca uploaded a photo on her Instagram account telling her fans to swipe and see her and Zied in bed but she was kidding. Let's say almost everyone fell for it. She captioned the post and said, "What did you expect? But seriously, this blanket is the cutest!"

In the photo, she was on the bed and used a blanket with Zied printed on it. There we're a lot of negative comments. Someone said, "Now this is just getting out of hand she is sure looks desperate." and Rebecca replied and said: "If you're going to be hateful, at least use the right pronoun.

you're on my page; it's "you" not "she."

Rebecca tells Zied happy birthday

On January 12, Rebecca uploaded a video on Instagram telling Zied happy birthday. On the clip, she said that she is so sorry she can't be with him today and told him that she promises this would be the last time that it will be his birthday and they will not be together. She ended the video saying she misses him and loves him so much. She said in the caption of the post: "Happy Birthday My love @tlc_90_day_zied I love you with all my heart this will be your last birthday and we are not together. hope you have a wonderful day, baby."

Someone commented, saying: "Why do people do that? Post like this on social media just do it private it's more romantic." Nevertheless, she keeps the fans updated with her life.

TLC had the show on hiatus for two weeks so posts like Rebecca's kept the fans updated until the January 12 episode.

Zied commented on the video and said: "Thanks so much for the video, you know much I love you so much", then she replied saying: "yes my love." the couples are showing how romantic they are to each other and this helping to keep the "90 Day fiance" fans updated.

Zied came back again with another video of him singing to Rebecca while driving this time he captioned the post saying: "To my love Rebecca. Hello, my friend, this is for my love @tlc_90_day_Rebbecca."

When is Zied coming to the United States?

Rebecca fans want to know when Zied will come back from Tunisia, but it's not yet announced.

After Zied's graduation, he uploaded photos of him and his friends in Tunisia. Does this mean he is going to visit them before he comes back to the United States?

Rebecca fans are getting tired of the filters she uses on her videos and photos. Two days ago she uploaded a Tik Tok video on her Instagram account of her reacting to a baby with a toy duck. Then a fan asked on the comment: "Why do you always use a filter." She suggested it wasn't a filter and said, "I don't. this isn't a filter." Many people were not still not convinced. Someone even said they couldn't believe her reply because they know what she looks like.