Jaiden Francois is officially part of the Nebraska football team. During a live stream of his school's signing ceremony, Francois undid his black button-down shirt as he talked to show a Cornhuskers shirt underneath.

On the table in front of him was a Miami Hurricanes hat. That was the other school the 4-star safety was reportedly considering. It appears to have been quite the decision as Francois appeared to have held up the rest of the signing ceremony as he discussed issues with someone on the phone as four other signees waited for him to tell his head coach he was ready to go.

The waiting game had recruiting analysts puzzled. Some believed he might eventually decide not to sign at all. The early signing period does last for three days and most believed Francois was having a tough time deciding where he was going to go.

During the event, the defensive back got up from the table where he and his teammates were seated. He walked out of the gym, and at least one report had him leaving the hallway outside that area entirely.

He returned a few minutes later and appeared ready to announce, only to receive another phone call. He got up and walked out of the gym a second time. It was here where most reporters and analysts began wondering if a third school had entered the picture, or whether the event would have to continue on with just four signees.

For a few moments, another rumor popped up among the Husker faithful.

Nebraska football coaching rumors

Minutes ahead of Jaiden Francois' eventual announcement, talk began that the Huskers were losing an assistant coach. Those rumors were attributed to a Miami writer who covers recruiting for the Hurricanes.

Comments on the live stream of the event began parroting the rumor, even though there isn't any indication Stock actually made those comments anywhere online.

After Francois announced he was going to be a member of the Nebraska football team, his new position coach, Travis Fischer put the rumors to bed by tweeting his excitement for the class and saying he can't wait to coach them for the "next four to five years."

Recruiting class gets a bump

The Cornhuskers' recruiting class has been trending upwards in the last couple of days as commitments have started coming in droves.

Outside of the Top 25 at the start of last week, they were at number 19 to start the morning on 247Sports.

Jaiden Francois, being a 4-star prospect should move that recruiting ranking up even further. The Huskers have yet to lose any of the players that had committed before Wednesday kicked off the early signing period. More top-prospects are expected to be announced soon, possibly further helping the ranking. Wide receiver Alante Brown is announcing later this morning on the Big Ten Network. He's expected to be considering Nebraska football among the favorites.