Wan'Dale Robinson has had such a good start to the season that he's gotten mention as the freshman player of the Big Ten Conference this year. Despite that start to the year, rumors popped up after Nebraska football's latest loss that he might be looking to leave the program.

Rumblings became loud enough this week that the running back's father, Dale Robinson felt the need to weigh in on social media. The elder Robinson took to Twitter with a message for Husker fans, clearly meant to tamp down the talk of his son playing elsewhere. "Just to clear the air...

Wan’Dale loves Nebraska as do I and the rest of his family. We have & will always support him 120%. There is absolutely no division!" He wrote.

Husker fans were quick to respond to the player's father, issuing their support and trying to make it clear there is a minority of Husker fans that are ruining it for everyone. "Sadly social media makes it so that it only takes 2% of a fan base to make it seem like the world is only fire. 98% of Husker Nation is still on board." One user wrote in response to the posting.

The response were almost uniformly positive, with any negativity being aimed at other fans, rather than Wan'Dale Robinson or the Nebraska football team.

That approach is a bit fo a change to the reactions to the Huskers loss to Purdue.

Fans getting worried?

When Nebraska football fell to 4-5 on the season to a Purdue team that came into the day with a 2-6 record, some fans and members of the media began talking about the job head coach Scott Frost has done so far. One writer went so far as to say he has been a "failure" so far.

The logic in calling him a failure is that he's actually posted a worse record in his first two years in Lincoln than his predecessor, Mike Riley did. The article points out that Mike Riley was arguably the least popular Huskers' head coach of the last four decades and Frost was expected to build on what was left behind and improve upon it.

So far, the team posted an identical record in Frost's first year as Riley's final season (4-8) and has lost three in a year and is likely to miss a bowl game in Frost's second season.

Wan'Dale the go-to guy

Frustration over losing as often as they have so far under Frost has been a topic of conversation among Husker players this week. It's not clear if that is where the rumors Wan'Dale Robinson was looking to leave came from. Some have said it's simply rumors started by fans who are unhappy about the 2019 season and losing to teams like Indiana and Purdue in back-to-back weeks.

For his part, Robinson has been the Nebraska football player with the most touches on the team. While the Husker coaches envisioned him as a slot receiver to start the year, injuries and the departure of Maurice Washington has led to the true freshman getting carries at the running back position as well.

The true freshman is leading the team in receptions with 40 for 453 yards and two touchdowns. He's also got 85 carries for 326 yards and another three TDs.