New England Patriots veteran quarterback Tom Brady admitted that their light schedule in the first eight weeks was a factor in their 37-20 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. "Sometimes when you play a lesser opponent, you can play less-than-great in one phase and get away with it," Brady told Jim Gray during an interview on Westwood One. Brady said their flaws were ultimately exposed when the Patriots went up against a good football team in the Ravens, whom he described as very tough to beat. According to Brady, the Patriots failed to live up to expectations while the Ravens played to their potential so they got the win.

Brady led the Patriots to an 8-0 record with impressive wins over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets (twice), Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Browns. Brady also admitted that the Patriots knew various flaws existed amid their undefeated start. Ultimately, some of them were noticeable in their loss to the Ravens that dropped them to 8-1 on the season. However, the 42-year-old Brady considered their defeat to the Ravens as a “good loss” as they could learn from it and ultimately correct their mistakes in order to return to winning ways. Earlier, Brady posted an encouraging message to teammates and Patriots fans on Instagram where he said “You win or you learn.

I love going to battle with my guys!”

Brady begins self-scouting

The Patriots won’t play until Nov. 17 when they take on the Philadelphia Eagles as they have a bye on Week 10. Brady said he will spend the bye week on self-scouting so he can determine what he could do better. Brady felt that needs to make better decisions with the ball and a better job on other aspects of the game.

Aside from the Eagles, the Patriots are in for a tough stretch as they are also scheduled to face the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots have several days to prepare for the Eagles (5-4), who are also on their bye week.

Brady loves Patriots’ drives in no-huddle offense

Brady said one positive thing emerged from their loss to the Ravens were the sustained drives they put together in a no-huddle offense in the first half that enabled them to close the gap at 17-13 after trailing by 17-0 in the first period.

"There were parts of that game where we found our rhythm," said Brady, who completed 30 of 46 passes for 285 yards and a touchdown with an interception. Another positive thing for the Patriots was Mohamed Sanu’s productive night against the Ravens. In his second game for the Patriots after he was shipped by the Atlanta Falcons for a 2020 second-round pick, Sanu caught 10 passes for 81 yards and his first touchdown in a Patriots uniform.