Maurice Washington came under fire a bit this week from some Nebraska football fans, after missing the first half of the Northwestern game. It was the second time this season Washington has sat out the first half of a game. He also missed the first half of the Huskers' season opener.

While it was announced after the South Alabama game that Washington had sat out because of his legal issues back in California, Frost didn't say why the running back missed time last Saturday against Northwestern. That has some Husker fans on social media and message boards wondering if it might not be time to move on.

One Husker fan talked about reports that Washington had a rather sullen demeanor as he was running off the field on Saturday. This despite the fact the Nebraska football team had won in dramatic fashion. Steve Sipple was one Nebraska reporter to comment about the oddity of Washington looking angry or upset while the rest of the team was carrying off kicker Lane McCallum on their shoulders.

That celebration was big enough it even drew some negative comments from at least one national analyst.

Message board worries

The recent suspension, for half a game, has some Nebraska football fans worried about just what is going on with Washington and the Cornhuskers. More than one user called Washington a real talent, but "there are red flags everywhere."

Another user pointed out this appears to be the third time that Washington has landed himself in the coaching staff's crosshairs this year.

There is a well-known issue in California and that trial is still one that is upcoming, but Frost has said Maurice won't face any more discipline until it's entirely settled.

Then there was the summer citation for weed paraphernalia. Washington was far from the only Husker who ran afoul of the law when it came to marijuana.

Wandale Robinson was another who got a citation. He hasn't suffered any suspension at all. That would seem to indicate that Washington's issues leading up to the Northwestern game was something else entirely.

It's a safe bet no one on the Nebraska football team will ever divulge exactly what the problem was. Frost has kept his rationale for suspensions largely under wraps.

Washington welcomed by Nebraska football coaches

While some Nebraska football fans have voiced their displeasure over the perceived attitude of Maurice Washington, it's important to note he will be starting on Saturday against the Minnesota Golden Gophers. He does that knowing that the next step in his case in California is coming soon. The next court date for the Nebraska football star is next Thursday, October 17. It's unknown whether there will be some kind of resolution, or another continuance at this time.