The Nebraska football team didn't play a perfect game on Saturday. In the end, the team overcame offensive struggles and injuries in order to win the game on a last-second field goal by walkon safety turned kicker, Lane McCallum. After he booted the game-winning field goal through the uprights, he went sprinting down the field. Because the team had just improved to 4-2 thanks to his kick, they followed him.

Pandemonium ensued on the field as the Nebraska football team put the kicker on their collective shoulders and carried him into the locker room.

While most viewers talked about what a great moment and a great sight it was, at least one ESPN analyst believed the celebration was beneath Scott Frost's team.

'Nebraska, really?'

The victory, which equaled the total number of wins the Huskers got in both 2017 and 2018 was looked at as a step forward by most Nebraska football fans. Then Adam Rittenberg of ESPN took to Twitter and voiced his own take.

More than one Twitter user was a bit confused about the comment, thinking he was mad the Cornhuskers had beaten Northwestern. When one user asked him what he meant by his two-word post, he made it clear he was annoyed they were "storming the field" after the win.

The problem with that post is that no one was "storming the field." After the kick was made, fans remained in the stands, celebrating the team's improvement to 4-2 on the season. The team certainly celebrated their victory though not in any way that appeared all that different from any other team that has hit a game-winning kick over the years.

Several Twitter users pointed out to Rittenberg that the kind of celebration Nebraska football was engaged in was similar to any other game-winning kick.

One Nebraska football fan attempted to show Rittenberg just how common it was for players to rush onto the field after a close victory.

He did this by showing Northwestern doing that just last season.

Rittenberg's biggest complaint seemed to be the Huskers were celebrating after beating a 1-4 opponent. Users pointed out the Wildcats celebrated beating a Cornhusker team that had just fallen to 0-6.

Overcoming adversity

While the Nebraska football team struggled to beat a Northwestern team most experts felt was quite inferior, the Huskers had to finish the game without their starting quarterback and their leading receiver.

They also opened the game without their starting running back. Maurice Washington had just six touches in the game. Having all that be true and still winning had most Nebraska football fans agreeing there was nothing wrong with the Husker players being ecstatic they were still able to finish the evening with a victory.