Star Nebraska football running back Maurice Washington appears to be in a spate of trouble. Reports surfaced Monday morning that the true freshman is facing charges relating to "revenge porn" back in his native California. At issue, according to NBC Bay Area is that Washington is accused of sending a video that had been recorded of his now ex-girlfriend while she was being sexually assaulted. Because the girl in the video was only 15 at the time, Washington could also face Child Pornography charges.

Nebraska football player caught up in new California law

The state of California recently changed how someone could be charged with the crimes Maurice Washington is accused of carrying out. According to court filings, the Husker running back did not record the video or commit the sexual assault. What Washington is accused of doing is keeping the video on his phone and then sending it to his now ex-girlfriend in March of last year. Along with the video he sent a message that included "remember this..."

The Nebraska football star is being accused of "revenge porn" because he dated the alleged victim when he was a freshman at The King’s Academy High School in Sunnyvale. Prosecutors are alleging that he sent the video to the girl as a way to inflict emotional damage.

Because she was just 15-years-old when the video, apparently of two other high school students sexually assaulting her, Washington is also accused of distributing child pornography. That is a felony charge that would almost assuredly carry some sort of jail time should it go to trial and he were convicted.

Maurice Washington facing serious charges

The report on Monday is the second in a number of weeks of Husker players finding themselves in legal trouble. Granted, the felony charge that could be brought against Washington is certainly quite a bit more serious than the four Nebraska football players who were cited for "keeping a disorderly house" during a party that got out of control.

This is also not the first time in the last few years that a Cornhusker player has been at least peripherally tied to an alleged sexual assault.

Tommy Armstrong and Jordan Westerkamp threw a party where a young woman alleged she had been sexually assaulted. In that case, the players were later cleared of all wrongdoing, other than once again having a party get out of control. This time Maurice Washington faces very serious charges that the victim alleges he had a direct hand in, at least when it comes to the "revenge porn" portion of the charges. It's safe to say everyone involved in the Nebraska football program, as well as Washington's friends and family are going to be following this closely.