The Kansas City Chiefs had thought they might be able to get Jalen Ramsey in trade in the near future. If a new report about how immovable the Jacksonville Jaguars are being about their All-Pro cornerback, it appears he's going to be playing in Florida this season, or nowhere at all.

The new report claims the Jags have been telling people they're holding onto Ramsey no matter what. One team official has reportedly said even if they were offered "five first-round picks" they would say no.

That is surprising to some NFL insiders who believed a deal was as good as done just a few weeks ago.

Once the Miami Dolphins dealt Minkah Fitzpatrick, it seemed like Ramsey was the next to be on the move. Then the trade didn't come and it didn't come. Now the Jags seem to be saying it won't be coming at all.

Ramsey soap opera hits a new stage

While the Jaguars are not going to be moving Jalen Ramsey, it appears he won't be playing for them anytime soon either. Ramsey has been making excuses for why he can't play in games since it became apparent the team wasn't going to trade him right away.

First, the cornerback claimed he had the flu and couldn't even practice. Then, he went off to celebrate the birth of his child.

He hasn't returned since he left the team and for now, it doesn't appear as if anyone knows when he'll be back.

While some might think this puts the Kansas City Chiefs, and other suitors in a position of strength, the Jaguars have other ideas.

What is known is that the cornerback isn't with Jacksonville today. It's assumed, by more NFL analysts that he won't be back with the team at all. At this point, most believe he's playing a game of chicken with his team.

It's not at all clear who is going to blink first.

The dangerous game

More than one NFL analyst is rather surprised the Jaguars are sticking to their guns, especially if they have been getting the kind offers reported. While it's clear no team has offered five first-round draft picks, the Kansas City Chiefs were said to offer their first-round pick in 2020.

It's not out of the realm of possibility to think another team was offering a 2020, 2021 or even 2022 in order to pry the defensive back away.

Ross Tucker is one who thinks the Jaguars admitting they won't take five first-rounders for Jalen Ramsey means they are admitting they don't know what they're doing. In a year when Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown have forced themselves off teams, the Jaguars appear to want to take a stand. Analysts around the NFL aren't sure why they're doing that, rather than accepting an offer from the Kansas City Chiefs, the Cleveland Browns or any of the other suitors who were reported to have been willing to pay a steep price.