The Nebraska football team came into the season as one of the darlings of the national media. After one week of the regular season, it appears the hype has been extinguished.

While the team was projected by ESPN's FPI to win as many as 10 games before the season started, their less than awesome opening week win has soured those projections.

Nebraska football is now expected to win just six games in 2019 and has become the dog in several games they were heavily favored to win a week ago.

Nebraska football expected to lose against Colorado

The most disappointing change in the latest FPI ratings is the Huskers now having just a 48.8 percent chance of beating the Colorado Buffaloes.

Those odds are down by a whopping 18 percent, as they entered the season with a 66 percent chance of winning their week two game.

Those odds decreasing are not a huge surprise. While the Cornhuskers looked bad in their 35-21 win over South Alabama, Colorado's offense was powerful in their 52-31 win over Colorado State. Nebraska's offense was aided by two defensive scores, as well as a punt return touchdown. Even Scott Frost thought star quarterback Adrian Martinez had an off day.

The caveat here is these changes are based on exactly one game. The bad news is the changes are uniform across the Nebraska football schedule.

Big drop in Big Ten

While the Nebraska football team now has work to do if they want to beat Colorado, they're still the heavy favorites to beat Northern Illinois.

The Cornhuskers opened the season with a 91.1 percent chance of beating the Huskies. That has dropped, but only to an 85 percent chance. In fact, those are now the best odds the Huskers have of a win this season.

The game against Illinois still has the Huskers favored to win, but the odds have dropped from 75 percent to 55 percent.

The biggest drops in the entire schedule comes at the end of the season.

Nebraska football was once favored to win all three games to end 2019. They are now heavy underdogs to Wisconsin, Maryland, and Iowa. The biggest insult in that group is the Terapins. Nebraska football is being given just a 28.1 percent chance of beating Maryland.

That's all the way down from 58.6 percent when the season started.

It appears the Huskers struggles against South Alabama paired with a 79-0 opening win for the Terps has convinced the ESPN's rating system this is a bad matchup. The Terps' win over Howard appears to have heavily weighted this particular prediction.

Wisconsin's season-opening win has also shifted that game from having a very good chance for the Huskers to win, to a very slim one. Nebraska football has been given just a 39.2 percent chance of victory. Iowa is also now favored (Huskers with 40.2 percent win probability) after having been a slight lean towards NU before the season kicked off.