The Chicago Cubs have had a very bad offseason. Following a fold job during the final days of the 2018 regular season, the club talked about all the things it wanted to do in order to improve for 2019. None of those things have actually come to fruition. Now there are new rumors flying around the Internet that one of the team's veteran players and heroes of the 2016 World Series team might be wanting out of town.

Ben Zobrist has not reported to spring training yet. While the Cubs are claiming they understand why he hasn't and they don't have any problem with him being gone, his absence has most definitely been noticed.

There are now some who wonder if he might be looking to get off the team entirely.

Chicago Cubs could have a problem on their hands

Ben Zobrist's situation; he is not with the team and he has given no specific reason as to why he isn't with the team. This mirrors what fans have seen from previous players. Tommy LaStella once went a similar route when he was being sent down to Iowa.

The infielder refused to report to the AAA team and the club, while not exactly happy about it, didn't take any action. There were days when Cubs fans were more than a bit upset about the fact that the team was allowing LaStella to get away with what many saw as a prima donna act. Are those same fans going to be upset with Zobrist?

The club has made it look as though Zobrist is on the bereavement list when that isn't the case. There hasn't been any claim that someone in his family is in any kind of trouble. He simply hasn't come to camp and the team has made it clear they are OK with that for now.

Ben Zobrist's absence is a mystery that may not be solved anytime soon

More and more talk on social media has focused on the fact that it's possible the Cubs' utilityman is not happy with how Chicago has conducted itself over the last few months. Despite announcing they have a deal in place with Sinclair Broadcasting, the team has claimed its resources are tapped.

Personal reasons are the only thing either side is pointing to as the reason the player isn't in camp. While it's excused, there is a reason to wonder just how long it's going to be. Those around the franchise have made it clear they have no idea when Ben Zobrist will arrive.

The Chicago Cubs have said that they are going to be fine and patient with one of their best players taking time off. If he wants to get away from the Club, refusing to report would certainly be one way to go about getting that goal achieved.