The Nebraska football team is expected to have a very good 2019. While some believe the expectations are just hype, analytics are showing a return to form. ESPN's latest FPI ratings show a Huskers team that is going to win at least eight games and could win as many as 10.

That's good news for those who are seeing national media rank the Nebraska football team among the Top 10. Fans of the Big Red have taken a bit of abuse from other fans around the country. Those other fans have been claiming people in Lincoln are "delusional."

it turns out the confidence in a turn around is coming from all angles.

That includes analytics that use various statistics to show how strong a team is and then the likelihood they will take down their opponents.

10 wins for Nebraska football?

When looking at the ESPN FPI ratings, the most likely outcome is an 8-4 season. But there are a few other games the Nebraska football team could win to get to 10 victories. A game by game break down of the schedules shows a very favorable start to the 2019 season.

The Huskers are expected to begin the year 4-0. They have a 97 percent probability of beating South Alabama, a 91.1 percent probability of beating Northern Illinois and a 75 percent chance of beating Illinois. Of the first four games, Colorado's is the most in doubt, but Nebraska has a 66 percent chance of winning that football game.

Ohio State is expected to be the first loss of the year. NU has just a 42.2 percent chance of taking down the Buckeyes. The odds jump to 72.8 against Northwestern, before falling to 39.7 against Minnesota. As 247Sports points out, that means the Huskers have a worse chance of beating the Golden Gophers than OSU according to FPI.

After the Nebraska football team is expected to lose it's second game of the year, they have over 60 percent chance of winning the next four. That includes 63.5 against Wisconsin.

Near tossups to end Nebraska football's season

It appears the last two games of the season are the ones that will help determine whether the Cornhuskers will finish 8-4, 9-3 or 10-2.

Nebraska has just a 58.6 percent chance of beating Maryland (less than they do against Wisconsin). The team then finishes with just a 51.4 percent chance of beating Iowa.

That means the last two games are "too close to call" for ESPN's rating system and the likely reason the official projections have them as an eight-win squad. What these ratings do show is that Nebraska could win more football games than most Husker fans have dared to hope. Coming off back-to-back four win seasons, it's a safe bet that everyone in Lincoln would accept such an end to 2019 with open arms.

The run towards the turnaround begins this Saturday (August 30) against South Alabama in Lincoln.