If there was any lingering doubt that Nebraska football still has a rivalry with Colorado, it was likely ground into the dirt this week. The problem is that it appears those doubts were ground into the dirt in the most disgusting way possible. The good news is that a wide swath of Husker fans are pushing back against a kind of meme that has been circulating Twitter after having been long since left in the past.

Earlier this week, one Twitter user brought to light that some Cornhusker fans were voicing their dislike for Colorado by tweeting out, "Sal is dead, Go Big Red." To this user's credit, "Nate the Husker" made it clear that wasn't the kind of thing Nebraska football fans should be supporting.

"If you see a “Husker fan” tweet 'sal is dead, go big red,' unfollow that person. Better yet, block them. Same for people that chirp Collier or any other player on the opposing teams. We shouldn’t tolerate anyone in our fan base that behaves like that. As coach Verdu says, BE GOOD"

The origins of the taunt

Interestingly, there are entire generations of Nebraska football fans who likely have no idea where this taunt came from.

The "Sal" being talked about is former Colorado Buffaloes quarterback Sal Aunese. He was the quarterback at CU just as Bill McCartney started to turn the program into a national power.

It was McCartney who really gave birth to the rivalry with Nebraska, pointing to that game every year as the game his team had to win.

While Cornhusker fans initially shrugged off the traditional Big 8 conference doormat, Colorado started winning and the rivalry was fully formed. Sadly, Aunese died of cancer at the age of 21 shortly after the 1989 season kicked off.

Rivalry taking an ugly turn

The Nebraska football rivalry with Colorado has never been one of mutual respect as it was with the Sooners.

It has always been one of mutual hatred. Still, the shots being taken by both sides has seemed to be a bit uglier this time around. Perhaps that's born out of not playing each other for several years.

CU fans have resurrected an old meme to taunt Husker fans as well, though it's not quite as ugly as "Sal is dead, Go Big Red."

One online shop is selling "crying kid" t-shirts. The shirt is emblazoned with a picture of the child, made famous when he was spotted in the stands by cameras during the Huskers 62-36 loss in 2001.

The Nebraska football team came into that game as the number one team in the country.

Clearly the trash-talking and taunting being done by Buffaloes fans has annoyed some Husker fans. Other Nebraska football fans have drawn a line in the sand against the "Sal is dead, Go Big Red" comments. Most have pointed to not wanting to sink to that level as the main reason.