If the latest Cincinnati Bengals rumors are to be believed, the team could be thinning out the herd when it comes to its backfield. Talk began late last week that new head coach Zac Taylor might be looking to deal Giovani Bernard before the season begins.

On the one hand, trading such a capable backup would absolutely hurt the overall depth of the team. On the other, it seems as though the team might be able to get some good value for the backup running back. Joe Mixon has clearly taken the starting spot.

The Bengals seem to really like what they have seen from Trayveon Williams as well.

Bernard has some skills that were better used when the team was going with a two-back approach. Now that Mixon is the unqualified starter, it would seem as though they don't need to lean on Bernard in the future.

Rumors arise for lack of practice

The Cincinnati Bengals have just started their fall camp but there have been some who have noticed who is practicing and who is not. Bernard, many have noticed, has been held out of some drills. It's likely he's a bit banged up, but that may not be the excuse it used to be.

The Bengals have good enough depth in the backfield that someone who cannot practice is going to be someone who won't be on the team long. Head coach Zac Taylor is expected to go through a rebuilding season in 2019.

Having said that, he needs to rack up as many wins as possible. If the Cincinnati Bengals rumors are believed to be true, they think they can win with Mixon and Williams carrying the load. The trade of Giovani Bernard could net them something that will help with said rebuild in the coming years.

Cincinnati Bengals rumors rebuffed by team?

While the Internet has been rife with talk about where Bernard might go if he were to be dealt, The Athletic's Paul Dehner Jr has heard the opposite. According to Bengals Wire, sources have told Dehner the team has no interest in getting rid of its talented backup running back.

Dehner says the real Cincinnati Bengals rumors are the team is looking to sign him to an extension.

Bernard is coming up on his walk year and Dehner says there isn't much appetite to trade one of their best players.

That leaves the question of just why the running back hasn't seen much action this camp. It can be pointed out that Bernard did not play in the Cincinnati Bengals first preseason game of the year. Neither did Joe Mixon. The team clearly held out some of its starters who are a bit banged up, not wanting to risk hurting them further in an exhibition game.

This is likely a situation that is going to need to be looked at as the fall progresses. There are some sources inside the Cincinnati Bengals that believe the running back is on his way out. Others believe he's staying long term. It might be a while before which side is correct.