The Cleveland Browns have added a ton of talent over the last few years. If the team is going to be better than what it has been over the last two decades, a talent infusion is only part of the equation. Head coach Freddie Kitchens seems to understand this very point.

After practice on Monday morning, Kitchens spoke to the media about how his staff has tried to bring a winning attitude to the team. He commented that this fall camp has been a "culture shock" to the team.

As Mary Kay Cabot reported, he followed up those comments by saying that was a net positive.

The head coach also believes the team has responded very well to that culture shock and they are "willing to pay the price."

Some of that was demonstrated in their first preseason game of the year. The Cleveland Browns took on the Washington Redskins and didn't come out looking to just lay down a soft gameplan and get out of town injury-free. Kitchens commented this weekend that the team told the Redskins they were going to start the game running the two-minute drill.

Even with their opponent knowing that was going to be the plan, the 'Skins couldn't stop that offense. That is part of the culture shock Kitchens is talking about. Others have noticed how the players are handling it as well.

'Come and get us'

Ironically enough, it's a former Washington Redskins quarterback that has been vocal in the recent past about how he's seen a shift in the Cleveland Browns' thinking. Joe Theisman made a recent appearance on a Cleveland radio station where he talked about the new attitude.

Among his observations, Theisman said he believes that Baker Mayfield has grown into a leadership role.

He also believes the team has decided they aren't the ones that are going to be chasing the rest of the league anymore. Instead, they've decided to tell the NFL "if you want us, come and get us." The message is quite clear. The Cleveland Browns aren't going to be the laughingstock of the NFL anymore. They are going to be the team that intimidates others.

A negative response to Cleveland Browns

It is this new approach that has chafed some people outside the team. The summer has been full of reporters talking about how the team doesn't seem to be taking care of issues in the way those reporters feel is the best approach.

The Cleveland Browns have taken on a kind of swagger. Quite a bit of that can be attributed to the youth movement that has taken over the roster. It helps the veterans they do have such as OBJ and Jarvis Landry come complete with some serious swagger built-in.

Now Cleveland Browns' head coach Freddie Kitchens is encouraging the personality change. Whether that translates to wins is the key question that needs to be answered this season.