The Cleveland Browns have talked quite a bit about a culture change in camp. Freddie Kitchens was the first to put voice to it, but others had noticed as well.

One of those changes in the culture was supposedly how they deal with players who screw up. Kareem Hunt has been put on notice that he has a second chance. The owners have said he won't get a third one.

When Antonio Callaway was suspended for four games, the Browns reacted as you might expect. There was a lot of talk about how disappointed they were. The Cleveland Browns made it sound as though Calloway's future with the franchise was in trouble.

All of this was even while they talked about how they were going to make sure he had the support he needed. Still, it was made clear Kitchens and company wouldn't brook more bad behavior.

Then the team went out and signed tight end Rico Gathers. Most analysts thought the signing was odd. Gathers is also suspended for the first four games. The Dallas Cowboys cut the player for that reason.

That's why at least one Cleveland Browns writer thinks signing Gathers sends the wrong message.

Putting up with missteps

When Antonio Callaway was suspended, the team said it wouldn't be putting up with further mistakes like that. Randy Gurzi of Dawg Pound Daily points out they are apparently ok with exactly those kinds of mistakes.

The Cleveland Browns are especially ok with those kinds of mistakes when talking about a position of need. "On the heels of wide receiver Antonio Callaway‘s suspension, the Browns added another player who has had his own red flags related to marijuana. Gathers joins Cleveland despite the fact that he will be suspended one game for a 2018 arrest for marijuana possession." Garzi wrote.

The writer further points out that if nothing else, Gathers being signed is very bad timing. There also appears to be a lot of bark, when it comes to these suspensions but not much bite.

Cleveland Browns not following through

By signing the backup tight end after he was already suspended, the team is sending mixed signals at the very least.

At worst, there could be some players that are going to believe Kitchens is all talk.

Antonio Callaway apparently tested positive last year. It's not likely the team had no idea it was coming. They put up with it anyway.

When the Cleveland Browns talk about the behavior being unacceptable, they have a chance at setting a trend. When it becomes obvious that the team isn't going to stick to what they say, even for a few days, it makes it hard to hold players accountable.

NFL analyst Dov Kleiman noticed this as well. Shortly after the signing he took to Twitter to say, "Gathers is suspended for 1 game to start the season. The Browns again overlook troubled history of a player and sign him anyway." The Cleveland Browns appear to be setting a trend, and it's not one most teams would want.