Now that Nick Foles is no longer in Philadelphia, the team is struggling to find a quarterback that could bolster the quarterback position. Now they are hoping that Josh McCown will be their man, even if he doesn't start any games. While the Eagles are happy with their MVP level quarterback in Carson Wentz, but Wentz suffered injuries, the Eagles had Nick Foles to back up Wentz, who became a local hero for bringing Philadelphia a Vince Lombardi trophy in 2017.

The Jaguars have brought Nick Foles onto their team and is expected to be their starter.

This loss has led the Eagles to search for a new backup quarterback as a plan B for Wentz. ESPN's Adam Schefter confirmed the signing and that the Eagles and McCown agreed to a one-year deal. McCown came out of retirement to help the Eagles. During his retirement, McCown was serving as an analyst with ESPN and is expected to return to that role at the conclusion of his deal.

Josh McCown is nothing more than just a decent backup

Josh McCown has never had much of a starter career but has been nothing more than an average backup quarterback. However, in 2013, he did manage to have a strong season in 2013 with the Bears, backing up Jay Cutler. In 2017, McCown ended the season with a 67.3 percent competition percentage, while only making 13 appearances.

This could mean Josh has something left in the tank for the Eagles if he is called to play.

While McCown may not be a star backup, he's the better option when compared to both Cody Kessler and Nate Sudfeld. Sudfeld is currently injured but has shown potential on the field. Kessler came over from Jacksonville, where he struggled last season.

While McCown has shown some positives, Eagles fans are hoping he will not have to take snaps under center. Fans are hoping that this could be the year Wentz makes a case for MVP and bring back another Super Bowl victory to Philly.

Josh McCown has a lengthy resume as backup

McCown has played for 10 different NFL teams, managing to play for seven of them.

He played 76 regular-season games and became one of the league's best backup quarterbacks. League insiders believed that the Eagles would have signed some camp standout such as Luis Perez or Matt McGloin, but now it's clear that was not the direction they went. McCown appears to be penciled in at number two, while Sudfeld remains injured. Sudfeld could make a return by Week 3, but the team doesn't believe he will actually be ready to play until Week 5.

The signing of McCown is a positive. McCown has gained a reputation for being a locker room guy and mentor for the young quarterbacks. He's also an insurance policy if Sudfeld is called up and struggles. At the end of the day, McCown could be the No. 2 behind Wentz, with Sudfeld being the third-string quarterback.