The Nebraska football hype is very real this summer. As we head towards the regular season some opposing fanbases are a bit annoyed by that hype. Among those is one Boise State fan who tried to do a "sick burn" on Cornhusker fans. It didn't go the way the fan likely hoped it would.

Once Raja Prabhala decided to take a shot at the Nebraska football team, he found out how quickly Husker fans can descend.

Boise State calling Nebraska football irrelevant

Prabhala appears to have taken offense to a Mitch Sherman article talking about the Huskers' defense.

The coaching staff is looking for a way to gauge success on the defensive side of the ball. Neither the article, nor Sherman were actually hyping anything.

It should also be pointed out that Prabala appears to have gone out of his way to find Sherman's Twitter feed. The article itself didn't mention Boise State or the Mountain West.

Prabhala is apparently a writer for a site called Mountain West Wire. This is the USA Today version of that conference's coverage of the conference.

When he saw the article Sherman had written for The Athletic, he responded, "Nebraska is garbage and irrelevant until their football product gives us any reason to think otherwise. That’s the view outside Lincoln..."

It should come as no surprise that shortly after the writer took his shot at the Nebraska football team, fans of the program popped up with some savage takes.

One user pointed out the crux of why the Boise State fan is likely so angry about the Cornhuskers getting the kind of attention they are. "Hmmm, the sad part is, Nebraska is still a national brand, Boise is nothing without Petersen." That fan was talking about former head coach Chris Peterson.

Boise's former coach is now attempting to turn the Washington Huskies into the kind of national power the Broncos will never be.

Angry about Lincoln

One other user called Prabhala out on who he was really rooting for. They assumed he was either a Colorado or Iowa fan in disguise. He made it clear that wasn't the case. It appears the writer has a problem with the Nebraska football team because he lived in a Lincoln for a few years.

It's important to note, and it's been pointed out before that the Hype for the Huskers isn't really coming from Lincoln. The hype surrounding NU has come from national media outlets. The Sherman article, for instance, talked about how the Cornhuskers would gauge success. The article did not claim there would be success.

The reaction to the very run of the mill Nebraska football article appears to be more about other articles written by national media types. Teams like Boise State had their run at the top, but that run was relatively short. Now fans of those programs are watching the Cornhuskers dominate the national conversation again.