The run of commits has dried up a bit for the Nebraska football team, but that doesn't mean the staff isn't working hard to continue to bring the most talented players in the country to Lincoln. One such player that could be new on the coaching staff's radar is Jase McClellan.

The 4-star running back has been a commitment to Oklahoma for almost two full years now. That's the bad news. The good news is there is a bit of daylight between McClellan and OU as the back is talking about taking visits to other schools. That might just be a sliver of daylight but it could be enough for the Huskers to get their toe in the door.

Sooners fans getting nervous recently had some of their top analysts talking about whether or not Oklahoma should be worried about the Nebraska football team, and others getting some new attention. McClellan getting a wandering eye is nothing new, especially when it comes to just how long he's been a commit to Oklahoma. As the fifth-ranked running back in the 2020 class comes to the home stretch, he's going to wonder whether or not he's really made the right decision.

The Nebraska football team would be wise to illustrate to him he has not. Even if his looking around isn't all about getting ready to de-commit. If the door has been opened, and the Huskers have gotten their toe in that entryway, there's always a chance that one of those official visits could be to Lincoln.

The Cornhuskers were in on Jase McClellan early enough that the staff has at least some kind of relationship with the back. Of course, in order to be one of the teams to get a visit, official or otherwise, the Cornhuskers are going to have to fight off some very good competition.

Nebraska football and some stiff competition

According to Rivals, McClellan is planning on taking at least a couple of visits to Georgia.

Texas is in the running too, though he hasn't nailed down an official or unofficial visit to the Longhorns. Losing the running back, who is considered the 23rd best player in the entire class by 247Sports, to the Nebraska football team, would be hard to take for Sooners' fans. It would be even harder to take if they lost him to UT.

As Rivals points out, Oklahoma's recruiting class at running back is already very good. That might become a bit of a problem for OU when it comes to locking Jase McClellan in. It's why the Huskers have at least a shot of getting an official visit with the player. The Nebraska football team is still looking for its first running back commit. They are also thinner than they would like to be on the active roster. That's without mentioning the uncertainty of Maurice Washington. The Husker coaching staff should be turning up the heat on McClellan to get him to LIncoln.