Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has a special place in his heart for the Cleveland Browns. Having been born in Cleveland, it's safe to assume the Browns are his second favorite NFL team. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that he will eventually play for the team at some point in his career.

Having said that, while he's still with the Kansas City Chiefs, he'll do everything he can to beat him. The tight end did a little bit of trash talking about his home town team over the weekend, according to Cleveland19.com. Appearing during All-Star weekend to participate in celebrity softball game, he talked a bit about the chances and his feelings about, the Kansas City Chiefs matching up against the Cleveland Browns in the playoffs.

In particular, the tight end was asked about what he would think of the two teams meeting up for the chance to go to the Super Bowl.

Scoring touchdowns in the Dawg Pound

“I’d hate to hurt the Browns feeling again. I always dreamed about scoring touchdowns in the Dawg Pound and when I did last year it was weird seeing all those middle fingers in the crowd.” Kelce said when he was asked about the Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs meeting up in the AFC Championship.

Travis Kelce was talking about when the two teams matched up during the regular season in 2018. The Chiefs went into Cleveland and won handily 37-21. It was definitely the story of the home town boy doing good, as the tight end had seven catches for 99 yards and two touchdowns.

It appears the fans in the stadium were not giving Kelce any special treatment just because he was originally from the town.

It's important to note that game was the first the Browns were playing without Hue Jackson. He had been fired just a few days earlier after a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even while the young Cleveland team was trying to find its footing, there were already signs in that game that things were starting to turn around and turn around quickly.

AFC Championship tilt?

The Cleveland Browns have been this offseason's hottest team when it comes to talking about dark horse Super Bowl contenders. Most analysts believe the team is likely still a year away from being real contenders for that mantle. The Kansas City Chiefs are certainly one of the reasons Baker Mayfield and company aren't seen as a squad that will be going deep in the playoffs just yet.

Still, Travis Kelce should take note that comments like not wanting to hurt feelings is going to be noticed by Cleveland Browns fans more than they might have been in the very recent past. Some might even call those kinds of comments "bulletin board material." The two teams don't face off in either the preseason, or the regular season so if the Browns want to make the Kansas City Chiefs star eat those words, it would indeed have to be in the postseason.