The Kansas City Chiefs got some relatively good news earlier this weekend. Tyreek Hill is going to be able to play with the team right away. The NFL announced the wide receiver will not be suspended or miss any time.

The announcement comes after months of waiting after Hill was accused of abusing his three-year-old son. A few weeks ago, it came to light that law enforcement authorities were no longer considering Hill for a criminal investigation.

At the time of that particular announcement, there was still talk the NFL might suspend Hill because of "personality" issues.

Now that the league has announced that's not an option either, its time to begin life once again with Hill as a full member of the Kansas City Chiefs.

While some fans of the team are excited to see the player return to action, there is at least one analyst who thinks the fact that he won't be suspended means it's the perfect time to trade him away.

Chiefs player has his highest value of the last year

There has been plenty of talk over the last few months that the Chiefs should turn around and cut ties with Hill. Considering the team now has the ability to trade away a player that won't be missing any time, there is the argument the time is now to get rid of him.

The team has had some problem children in the last few years.

Kareem Hunt is chief among those players.

The team cut bait on Hunt entirely after he was suspended for hitting a woman. They have held onto Hill so far, there is even some talk that they are looking to give him an extension. More than a few people wonder if it might be better to make him someone else's problem.

The argument for trading Tyreek Hill

Even though he's been cleared of abusing his son, the receiver and his former fiance Crystal Espinal still have quite a bit of drama. The most recent bit was when she filed a paternity suit for what she claims are the couple's, infant twins.

ProFootballTalk writer Mike Florio recently wrote a column wondering whether the Kansas City Chiefs would be keeping Tyreek Hill over the long haul considering what they had had to put up with off the football field.

It should be noted that Florio believes the team will only trade him if they cannot reach a deal on a contract extension. He points out that Mecole Hardman is the same kind of player, even if he's not as proven. He's got the blazing speed that the team would be missing should they trade away Hill.

NFL Mocks points out it's possible that the Kansas City Chiefs have been looking to trade away Hill since the NFL draft. They posit the question, "why would they draft Hardman if they didn't intend to trade away Tyreek Hill"

The question now is whether or not it would be smarter to trade him before news of a lack of an extension gets out. Or will the team make a concerted effort to keep him for the long haul now that he's been cleared.