Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill is neck deep in brand new family drama. This time around, he's being sued by his former fiancee over the birth of her twin sons. Crystal Espinal and Hill might have a rather rocky relationship but it appears they are going to be connected by their children for a while longer.

Espinal took the Chiefs' receiver to court on Friday, alleging that Tyreek Hill is the father of those two new twin sons. In addition to filing a paternity claim on the Chiefs' receiver, Espinal also wants to make sure that he is paying her some child support for the newborns.

Tyreek Hill has more drama on his plate

The filing on Friday is the latest in what has become one long chain of drama going on between the Kansas City Chiefs' star and Crystal Espinal. What makes this particular filing all the more frustrating for some fans of the team is that it seemed like things were starting to die down a bit.

A few months ago, it became obvious that law enforcement officials weren't going to be charging Hill with anything. The revelations that he was going to escape any kind of criminal charges for an incident involving his 3-year-old son seemed to be the first step in him getting back on the field.

Hill had been looking at some kind of suspension to start the year for months.

Then the NFL started talking to the receiver for the first time since the original allegations became public. Those allegations involved Espinal being the one who accused the receiver of harming his son.

It's unclear just what law enforcement found when they investigated both Tyreek Hill and his former fiance, but whatever trail they found led them to the realization that they wouldn't be able to prove criminal activity.

Headaches continue for Kansas City Chiefs

While Hill and Espinal are once again having to work out some parenting issues through the courts, his team has got to be wondering how much is too much. Certainly, custody and paternity disputes happen even when you're dealing with people who are not NFL players.

The issue here is that the receiver has been giving the team some serious headaches for months now.

This, in itself, isn't the kind of situation that is going to lead the team to cut such a talented player on its own. But when you consider all they had to go through with Kareem Hunt last year, the front office has had to deal with "problem children" for far too long.

Espinal, for her part, doesn't believe that Tyreek Hill is someone who should be spending time alone with their children. She's filed for supervised visitation only. The Kansas City Chiefs have to wonder just how much longer they are going to be the people who need to supervise one of their own players in his personal life.