Before Manny Pacquiao became an all-around fighter that he is now, he was first a devastating power puncher.

Pacquiao introduced himself to the Boxing world more than 20 years ago as a sensational knockout artist who is packed with transcending punching power. That particular trait has catapulted him to become the only fighter in boxing to win a world title in eight different weight classes from flyweight all the way up to jr. middleweight.

Fast forward to the present and the 40-year-old Pacquiao finds himself against an opponent who has also built a lofty reputation of knocking out other fighters.

Keith “One Time” Thurman is considered one of the hardest hitters in the welterweight division. The WBA (Super) welterweight champion is sporting a 29-0-1 record with 22 knockouts around his belt. He has menacing power in both hands and can launch rapid-fire combinations whenever he sees a crack in the opponent’s defense. That’s what makes Thurman a very dangerous fighter.

The harder puncher

Justin Fortune, a former boxer and current strength and conditioning coach of Pacquiao, still believes his ward still has the edge over Thurman in terms of punching power.

In an interview with the “Coffee with the Goose” on YouTube, Fortune really thinks Pacquiao’s power will be the game-changer in his upcoming match on July 20, saying he punches like a jr.


“He [Thurman] is not stronger. He [Pacquiao] throws punches like a [expletive] jr. middleweight, it’s ridiculous how much. And the speed on top of it makes these punches much more devastating. Look at his opponents, win or lose they have been through an absolute war with Pacquiao, most going to the hospital afterward.

Their faces are messed up. They may have a black eye or a little bit of gray here and there, but they are jacked up man."

Fortune added that Thurman is in for a fight against Pacquiao and he’s confident the Filipino icon will end up as the victor of the match. On that note, the conditioning coach stressed that they are not underestimating a proven champion like Thurman because anyone can pull off a KO in this elite-level match, but he thinks Pacman is just too much for One Time.

Thurman gunning for one-time KO

Ever the thrash talker that he is, Thurman once again double-down on his prediction that he will knock out Pacquiao and ultimately send him into his retirement.

Thurman, who is rated by the Ring Magazine as the third best welterweight behind IBF champion Erroll Spence Jr. and WBO king Terrence Crawford, thinks his fighting style will give Pacquiao lots of woes in the ring, and he has all the intention in the world to go toe-to-toe with the Pacman.

“I really don’t think that Manny Pacquiao is going to take my talent. I am looking for a KO. We’ll see if he can survive.” Thurman’s latest statement is just his latest act of braggadocios aimed at Pacquiao as their fight preparation enters the final three weeks.

Last week, he revealed that he will place a $10,000 bet that he will knockout Pacquiao within two rounds and even started calling out Spence for his next fight since his upcoming fight is easy anyway.

Pacquiao vs. Thurman will take place at the MGM Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada, where at stake is the WBA undisputed welterweight title.