Baker Mayfield isn't one to bottle up his feelings. The Cleveland Browns' quarterback is, in fact, ready to let anyone who is in his vicinity know what he thinks about any number of issues. Today, the issue that is still front and center is how former head coach Hue Jackson left the Browns. More accurately, it's what Jackson did after he left the Browns.

“Don’t stand up in front of us the week before and try to tell us you’re doing everything for us, then go take a job with a team we play twice a year. It was one of those honesty and respect things.”

That's what Mayfield told ESPN in a recent interview about a range of issues.

When the subject of how the Cleveland Browns' quarterback handled the midseason firing of Jackson last year, he made it clear he has no regrets.

'I said what I meant'

Last year, Mayfield drew headlines for the way he behaved towards his former head coach when the Browns played the Cincinnati Bengals. Jackson had been fired by Cleveland a few weeks prior and, wanting to stay among the coaching fraternity, had taken a volunteer job with Cincy.

The fact that Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis was a personal friend of Jackson's had something to do with that decision. None of that mattered to Mayfield, who apparently felt Jackson should have either been choosier about what team he chose to work for, or sat out the rest of the season entirely.

During postgame handshakes, the former Browns' coach is seen going to talk to his old quarterback, who dodged him and quickly ran to the locker room.

The most recent interview touched on that reaction, as well as some rather blistering comments the quarterback made when he was asked about the non-exchange last season. He called the former head coach "fake" back then and made sure to reiterate he still thinks that.

Maturity still an issue?

The ongoing feud with a coach who had no choice in the matter when it came to leaving the Cleveland Browns has long been one that has had some analysts scratching their heads. While Jackson could have sat out the season, it's clear he wants to get back into coaching.

It's not clear what Mayfield would think about how he should perform if the quarterback was ever traded to an AFC North team at some point in his career, possibly mid-season.

For Jackson's part, he seems to understand why Mayfield said the things he's said. He doesn't appear to really hold it against him either. Speaking to ESPN himself, he summed up the Cleveland Browns' quarterback's personality as this: "Opponents? He doesn't like you. People on the fence? He doesn't want to be around them," Jackson says. "That's the way he's made...You're either all-in with him or you're not."