The Nebraska football hype train was in full effect during the recent Big Ten media days. That has more than a few people a little bit annoyed. One writer, in particular, a fan of the Minnesota Golden Gophers wrote an article earlier this week that claimed that the "sickness is everywhere" when it comes to the love for the Cornhuskers.

The article started with "The Nebraska Cornhuskers are winning the Big Ten West this season. Don’t believe me? Just turn to the experts in the Big Ten media universe for proof."

No, this isn't the case of a writer who has suddenly been swayed by the polls and articles he's been reading.

This article is instead, is yet another in what is becoming a rather long line of people who are more than a little annoyed at the love the Huskers are getting.

Get down with the sickness

"Look, I get that the B1G West is hard to pick. It’s honestly very wide open. Anyone besides Illinois has a chance to win it. But fourteen voters picking Nebraska and the Huskers ending up on top because they generally got higher ratings across the board?"

That was the gist of the problem the Minnesota Golden Gophers' writer had with the recent Big Ten Media polls. He apparently didn't understand how the Huskers would be able to get that much love in the polls. They even got more love than what Iowa and Wisconsin was seeing.

This kind of sickness has been crawling over the national media in the last few weeks. There are even some analysts who have picked the Huskers to make their end of the year Top 10. Others have given the team some very good odds to make the College Football Playoffs.

What really seems to have stuck in the writers' craw is that Minnesota was picked to finish near the bottom of the division.

While he claims that he likes the fact that the Gophers aren't getting a bunch of hype, that seems to be his biggest issue with Nebraska football getting the love it's getting.

Nebraska football sweeping the nation

Excitement over the Huskers has been growing steadily over the last few years. The genesis of that excitement is clearly the arrival of Scott Frost.

There were people who were expecting the turnaround to be instantaneous.

It very much wasn't. That's one of the reasons those who are not fans of the program have been more than a little bent out of shape over the national media constantly hyping the Nebraska football team this spring and summer.

There is also a bit of concern that the Nebraska Cornhuskers really are back mixed in there. This is already a program that travels better than most other schools in the country. When you're talking about the team they're following also being among the best in the business, that becomes extra annoying for opposing fans.