While the Nebraska football team's renewed rivalry [VIDEO] with Colorado is going to go back into hibernation after this season, the last two years have underlined just how fun this rivalry was when both teams were in the Big 8, then the Big 12. This rivalry isn't like Oklahoma-Nebraska.

The Sooners-Huskers rivalry was mostly built on mutual respect. The Buffaloes and Huskers seem to truly hate each other.

If the players and the administration don't really hate each other, it's been clear for decades that the fanbases certainly are not going to form some time of unity council anytime soon.

That's one of the reasons Colorado's administration has been working overtime this offseason to make sure as few Nebraska football fans as possible show up to Folsom field on September 7.

Now one Colorado beat writer is making it very clear all the work put into keeping Husker fans out is going to be for naught. If Nebraska fans want to go to the game, they will find a way to go. It likely won't be nearly as hard as the Buffaloes' AD wants it to be.

Nebraska football to show up in droves

Sean Keeler of the Denver Post seems to be the first of the people in and around Boulder who have realized what a lost cause keeping Cornhusker fans out of Folsom is going to be. Keeler also did some digging and found out that other schools have taken the same kind of steps and found out it's simply not possible to keep fans away from a game they want to see.

One person Keeler talked to was Wyoming's Kevin McKinney. McKinney is the senior associate athletic director for external operations. McKinney says one particular step, prioritizing tickets for season ticket holders saw those season ticket holders go up from 7,000 a year to around 11,000 people. “And our season tickets went back down to the 7,000 (mark) the following year,” McKenzie told the reporter.

“It was remarkable.”

That was Wyoming. Not a decades-long rival for the Nebraska football team. Wyoming.

When pigs fly

For its part, Colorado believes its efforts to keep the red out of the stadium is mostly working. The university has but begged Colorado fans, even season ticket holders who cannot go to the game for one reason or another, to make sure they don't sell their tickets to Husker fans.

The problem is that Cornhusker fans are known for making it very, very lucrative to sell tickets. They will undoubtedly do it for the Colorado game. People who have watched the Nebraska football fanbase travel to other away games. Games that mean quite a bit less when all is said and done. A win over the Buffaloes this year means quite a lot to a group that is still smarting over a loss to CU in Lincoln last year.

So is Colorado going to be able to keep Nebraska football fans out of Folsom field? As the writer says, "when Beelzebub takes a snowmobile to work."